Aeration and Drainage Amendments

    Creating beautiful lawns and gardens is about more than healthy soil. The soil you use also has many physical requirements that contribute to its success. Soil aeration and drainage materials help create a solid structure to build upon in your garden, lawn, or farm.

    This collection contains some of the best building blocks available. From parboiled rice hulls in various weights to REV Turf Pro Lawn and Grass Growth Stimulant, we’ve made sure that the products we carry align with our attention to detail and dedication to organic and innovative design.

    In 2008, Brandon T. Kail founded Rocky Mountain BioAg® with a focus on building organic living soil and using probiotic and organic inputs to solve environmental challenges. The company, located in Montrose, Colorado, is the largest supplier of amendments and organic fertilizer in the region. With its commitment to partnering with industry-leading manufacturers, biologists, and scientists, RMBA is here to provide the best probiotic and organic solutions possible for its customers.

    Our aeration and drainage amendments are:
    • Versatile for use in gardening, agriculture, and even turf and landscape
    • Made with natural and renewable materials
    • Have selectoins that are liquid, granules, and powder

    From helping structure your soil in a beneficial manner to supporting drainage and better growth for your plants, our selection of soil aeration and drainage material is here to help support you and your goals.
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