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ThermX-15M Organic Yucca Meal is a concentrated dry yucca extract meal powder containing saponin. This natural compound is found in certain desert plants including Yucca. Saponin contained in the plant extract helps plants overcome the adverse growing conditions of harsh desert landscapes. When yucca meal is placed in soil, ThermX helps crops, plants, trees, and turf to grow in high-stress conditions that limit production and quality. This natural organic wetting agent is perfect for mixing into potting soil with fresh peat moss as it will assist the soil to take water and help break the hydrophobic properties of peat moss.
  • Protects crops against heat and water stress, soil compaction, poor water penetration, salinity, and alkali.
  • Increases water penetration, fertilizer uptake, the permeability of heavy clay soil with salt and alkali problems, drainage reducing salinity, water intake, root growth
  • Contains saponin, a natural wetting agent that reduces surface tension
  • This action enhances better: water penetration into the soil, subbing of beds, drainage of excess water from the root zone
  • Action on Plants and Trees: Improved seed germination and stand establishment Increased water uptake Improved fertilizer uptake

Crops and plants are subject naturally to many kinds of stress conditions, growing conditions are never perfect. With the use of ThermX-15M plants are assisted to overcome these stresses that limit production, quality, and plant health.

Steroid saponin is a natural wetting agent that reduces surface tension. Reducing surface tension enhances better water penetration into the soil, subbing of beds, and drainage of excess water from the root zone.

Under stress conditions, steroid saponin increases the plant’s ability to utilize water more efficiently. A plant's ability to utilize water more efficiently results in improved seed germination and stand establishment, increased water uptake, and improved fertilizer uptake.

Water and fertilizer are wasted if they are not used by the plants. Often, root systems are denied the required water and fertilizer needed by the plant because of soil compaction which leads to poor water penetration and subbing. Excess salinity and alkali also play a major role in not allowing root systems to feed properly. ThermX-15M allows the plant stresses to be relieved resulting in healthier trees, plants, turf, and increased crop yields. Rocky Mountain BioAg supplies different yucca products to suit everyone's application needs. All the products are made from 100% natural yucca. The products are all registered for use in certified organic production with the California Department of Agriculture and with the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).


Cubic Foot: Use at 1 Teaspoon per cubic foot
Cubic Yard: Use at 1/2 Cup per cubic yard
Square Foot: Approximately 1/4 pound per 1,000 sq. ft.
Acreage: Use 10 pounds per acre

Mix with soil amendments to facilitate distribution on the soil.


1 Pound = 4,356 sq. ft.
5 Pound = 21,780 sq. ft. - 1/2 acre
55 Pound = 239,580 sq. ft. - 5.5 acre

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