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About Us

Thank you for your interest in Rocky Mountain BioAg™. We are the largest organic fertilizer and amendment supplier in Western Colorado (Montrose, CO) offering our cutting edge technology and products nationwide!  

Rocky Mountain BioAg™ was founded in 2008 by Brandon T. Kail to focus on nutrient dense growing practices, building living organic soil and solving environmental challenges with probiotic and organic inputs. Our team has successfully pioneered many industries with our proven probiotic and organic solutions. We are a science based company that has done extensive testing and research to bring you the best commercially viable probiotic and organic solutions today!

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Rocky Mountain BioAg™ proudly supports, researches and provides industry proven beneficial soil & aquatic microbes, liquid and dry organic fertilizers, organic weed and insect killers, trace minerals, custom living organic soil, organic soil amendments and growing supplies and equipment for agriculture, cannabis and hemp growers, landscape, turf care, tree care, vineyards, remediation and reclamation projects and the organic home gardener.

We have done years of testing and diligent research on the technology and solutions we sell and use, this ensures that you succeed in building biologically sound, well mineralized organic soil while growing plants to their fullest genetic potential.  None of the products we sale contain genetically modified organisms (GMO’s), they are created from the highest quality pure ingredients in strictly controlled manufacturing and packaging facilities. 

Rocky Mountain BioAg™ is proud to work hand in hand with industry leading manufacturers, scientists and biologists to help our customers achieve their desired goals!  We are not here for the short term profit, we are here to build relationships which we can count on just as much as our loyal and ever growing customer base counts on us.

We do not sell anything we do not trust to use around our family and pets!  We stand behind our technology and solutions and if you are not 100% satisfied we will work to resolve the situation efficiently.     

Rocky Mountain Bio-Ag™ looks forward to working with you on your next project large or small scale.