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Diamond K Ultra Fines Potassium Sulfate (Sulfate of Potash) Natural soil amendment | 0-0-50 Potassium fertilizer


Potassium Sulfate (K2SO4) is a naturally occurring salt of potassium and sulfate ions. It is widely used as a fertilizer input to supply potassium in plant-available form.

Potassium is a needed nutrient for plants. It is involved in amino acid and protein production, and it plays a vital role in the movement of water through the plant. A soft, white metal, potassium is primarily found in nature in the form of salts: Commonly Potassium Chloride (muriate of potash or KCl) and Potassium Sulfate (sulfate of potash or K2SO4). Both are commonly used as agricultural inputs. Both chlorine ans sulfur are used by plants, but in many situations, chlorine is not desirable for overall soil health. Potassium sulfate supplies sulfur in a plant available form, and increases soil salinity relatively less than potassium chloride. Using potassium sulfate can lead to an overall reduction in amendments as compared to potassium chloride.

There are cases where potassium chloride is desirable for soil health. Groundworks Natural Eco & Pet Friendly Ice Melt is a KCl product, that can be used as a soil amendment where chlorine is required.

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