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REV Turf Pro Lawn and grass growth stimulant | RMBA

REV TurfPro professional grade probiotic for grass is now available at Rocky Mountain Bio Ag! Dakota REV for gardens has proven itself to be an effective tool for flowers and vegetables. Now you can get the secret weapon of professional greens keepers. Make your lawn look its best. Rev TurfPro helps grass grow deep roots and strong vibrant leaves. *Combine with Quantum Organic Total to introduce healthy microbial populations to your lawn.*
**FIESTA selective herbicide is a great tool to keep forbes (like dandelions) out of your vibrant lawn** ***For over seeding lawns in the high desert and semi-arid climates of the West, we recommend RMBA Drought-Resistant Turf grass Seed Blend with Microclover-by DLF Seeds & Science***

Rev Turf Pro is a natural, organic growth stimulant that can help you get your plants and surrounding environment in shape! With Rev Turf Pro’s complex, organic-based compounds found in all sorts of farming and horticultural applications, it’s safe for almost any situation. Give  your garden the chemical-free supplement it has been craving with REV Turf Pro. Natural REV TurfPro is the perfect input for organic minded growers of turf and lawns.

For years, lawn care has centered on the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. It’s time for a change! REV Turf Pro provides biological diversity with an incredible probiotic response that will help build a healthy soil food web. This product can be used as an organic option to replace traditional chemical methods by taking advantage of nature’s processes; recruiting first trophic level soil microbes to help convert nutrients into a form fit for plants. Conventional farming methods use chemical salt fertilizers and neglect soil biology, instead focusing on reactions that happen at the plant level or above. By using REV Turf Pro regularly, we're actively reversing the negative impact caused by lack of biodiversity-- protecting soils from runoff during hard rains, improving root health and vigor, balancing the microbiome by feeding beneficial bacteria and fungi.

  • Registered as an organic input with the Washington State Department of Agriculture
  • 100% natural extract.
  • Derived from sedge peat deposits in North Dakota, which are extensive and highly sustainable.
  • Used by professional greens keepers.
  • Assists in growing vibrant green lawns.
  • Supports a healthy soil food web.

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