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Fiesta Weed Killer for Turf and Lawns


Fiesta Weed Killer for Turf and Lawns is the best selective, broadleaf weed killer that leaves turf healthy and weed-free using a patented formulated iron chelate solution that even controls moss and algae. This innovate one of a kind weed killer is people and pet friendly and can be used where many pesticide bans exist. Fiesta works quickly, delivering visible same-day results, even in cool weather, and has no unpleasant odor during or after application. The patented technology is rain-fast within 3 hours and is your answer when looking for alternatives to synthetic chemicals!  Fiesta can be broadcast applied or spot treated. Treated turf can be re-seeded or over-seeded 24 hours after treatment. Newly-seeded turf, can be treated just 7 days after germination! The best part about using Fiesta is people and pets can re-enter the treated area once the spray is dry. Fiesta offers very short re-entry restrictions which will allow you to enjoy your turf shortly after application! Be mindful when applying Fiesta, product may cause staining of concrete, brick, wood etc.

  • People and pet friendly, re-entry to treated areas after spray dries to avoid staining.
  • Use where many pesticide bans exist such as parks, golf courses, cemeteries, sports fields and playgrounds.
  • NO unpleasant odor liquid selective herbicide that kills weeds and moss also controls or suppresses diseases such as but not limited to: Dollar Spot, Rust, Snow Mold.
  • Patented technology with visible results within 24 hours works in hot or cold weather 1 gallon covers up to 10,000 sq. ft.
  • Rain-fast within 3 hours great alternative to synthetic chemicals broadcast apply or spot treat turf.

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