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Premium 97: Solution Grade Gypsum | Diamond K


If your plants are suffering from heavy, waterlogged, and sodic soils your solution: Diamond K Premium 97 Solution Grade Gypsum. Incorporating Gypsum, a form of Calcium Sulfate, into your soil fertility management program can quickly improve the structure of clay-bound soils and encourage sustainability of irrigated fields. Soil conditioners such as Gypsum are among the best-known in assisting growers and farmers to improve soil structure. This organic fertilizer contains ample amounts of Calcium (22.5%) and Sulfur (18.0%) in a 200 mesh solution grade formula. Gypsum penetrates deep in the soil layers improving soil structure, fruit quality, and the effectiveness of other organic inputs. If you are looking to improve your soil structure and drainage while eliminating the toxic effect of aluminum or salts it is paramount that you incorporate Gypsum into your soil amendment plans. Calcium will help improve soil structure and create oxygen conditions essential to improve the soil and in turn the health of plants. Soils filled with proper oxygen increase the quality of crops which leads to increased yields.

  • Improves soil structure (compacted soils)/soil drainage
  • Increases earthworms in soil
  • Prevents crusting of soil and aids seed emergence
  • Increases value of soil organics
  • Improves fruit quality and prevents some plant diseases
  • Helps prepare the soil for no-till management
  • Multiplies the value of other inputs
  • Improves water-use efficiency
  • Helps plants absorb plant nutrients
  • Provides plant-available Calcium and Sulfur
  • Compare to Hi-Yield Fast Acting Gypsum

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