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Parboiled Rice Hulls | RMBA


RMBA Rice Hulls, or rice husks, are the outer sheath of rice seeds. They are separated from the seed, steamed (parboiled), and dried  to ensure there is no viable seed or contaminants; rice hulls are a natural waste product of milling rice seed into usable grain. Rice hulls for gardening support soil structure, aiding in drainage and aeration, as well as providing habitat and nutrition for soil microbes. Rice is naturally high in bio-available silica, so RMBA Parboiled Rice Hulls make a great addition to composting programs to boost the silica content of the finished product.

*Shipping is included for all sizes*

*Now available in 1 Kilogram no plastic packaging box-100% compostable packaging!*

  • A good source of bio-available silica
  • Builds soil structure; aids in aeration and drainage-a direct replacement for perlite
  • provides habitat and nutrition for soil microorganisms
  • Augments compost programs, especially worm compost
  • A great substitute for perlite as a hydroponic substrate
  • weed-seed free top-dress mulch
  • used as a drainage aid in brewing beer
  • makes superb animal bedding for animals like chickens and hamsters
  • Natural and renewable gardening input
  • Rice is a carbon-sequestering crop

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