pH Tools and Conditioners for Water and Soil

    Managing the pH level of your soil and water is critical to having success with your plants. When it comes to supporting acidity or alkalinity, Rocky Mountain BioAg® is here to be your partner in farming and gardening with our selection of pH Tools and Conditioners for Water and Soil.

    Our collection of tools and supplements offers everything you need to maximize the effectiveness of your crop production and optimize growing conditions and cation exchange. From Microbe-Lift and ultra-fine potassium sulfate to our no-kink flex hose protector and C-85 Water Filter, our products are guaranteed to help you monitor and manage the pH levels in your water and soil.

    At Rocky Mountain BioAg®, we don’t blindly support companies without doing our research. When Brandon T. Kail founded the company in 2008, his goal was to focus on building living, organic soil, supporting nutrient-dense growing practices, and using organic and probiotic inputs to solve environmental issues. Thanks to extensive testing, research, and science and cutting-edge technology, Rocky Mountain BioAg® is proud to be the largest supplier of amendments and organic fertilizer in Western Colorado.

    Our selection of pH Tools and Conditioners for Water and Soil:
    • Offers products available in scalable sizes to meet the unique needs of every growth operation
    • Is safe for pets and the environment
    • Helps optimize the health of each growing environment
    • Serves both hydroponic and aquaponic methods of growth

    No matter what you’re growing, Rocky Mountain BioAg® has the tools and conditioners you need to create the perfect pH balance every time.
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