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Conventional herbicides are incredibly effective. They are also highly toxic to humans, animals, and the microorganisms that make soil healthy. The most common non-selective (kills all types of plants) herbicide is glyphosate, the active ingredient in Round Up. Across the world, the dangers of glyphosate are being acknowledged, most herbicides are switching to a nearly identical compound that may have the same issues. Since the dangers of conventional herbicides are well documented, organic alternatives are increasingly attractive. FiNALSAN is a highly effective, non-persistent, all natural,  incredibly efficient, OMRI listed weed killer.

How does Finalsan Work?

Finalsan works; it quickly kills and suppresses many common annual, biennial, and perennial weeds. Many weeds respond immediately to the first application, browning within minutes. After 2 or 3 applications, plants of all descriptions will be brown, dry, and dead. This effective glyphosate alternative breaks down cell walls and interferes with plant's ability to hold water. Finalsan is a roundup alternative, it kills all plants where it is applied. It is a great option to eliminate weeds growing in the cracks between concrete, or a lawn that is creeping into a gravel area of landscaping. In agriculture, Finalsan can be used to control vegetation growing around irrigation ditches, or weeds in the equipment yard of a certified organic operation.

Finalsan | RoundUp Alternative

Finalsan is non-persistent, meaning it doesn't stick around in the soil. In fact, it breaks down into harmless component compounds as it does its job. Access to an area where Finalsan is applied only needs to be restricted for 24 hours. An area can be re-seeded only 5 days after the last application. Finalsan is a great option for someone wanting to remove a lawn, and replace it with more sustainable xeriscape landscaping. When used in agriculture, Finalsan can be applied to kill weeds as long as the crop will not sprout for 24 hours.

An all-natural glyphosate alternative seems too good to be true. Finalsan is an ammoniated soap of fatty acids. Fatty acids act a keys, essentially unlocking access inside a plant's individual cells. Once inside, the compounds in Finalsan quickly act to interfere with essential functions, so the affects cells die, and cause a cascade of death throughout the organism. When used as indicated on the label, Finalsan is a safe and effective weed killer.

Finalsan Approved for Organic Agriculture

Certified Organic Agricultural operations have a lot at stake when selecting a weed killer. Just because a product is all natural, or made using natural methods, doesn't mean it is appropriate for the production of certified organic crops. Finalsan is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in certified organic agriculture for a variety of uses, clearly described on the product label. Those who do not have an organic certification can be confident that Finalsan is safe for the family and long term soil health.

Finalsan Specs

Finalsan is prepared in a convenient concentrate, and sold in 2.5 gallon containers. When properly stored, an open container can last about 12 months, and will provide up to 10,000 square feet of application coverage. One container of Finalsan is the only non-selective weed killer most people will need for an entire year. It would take dozens of gallons of Agricultural vinegar, the best organic alternative to Finalsan, to cover the same area as one container of Finalsan. The average homeowner will never need herbicides beyond Fiesta selective weed killer for lawns, and Finalsan Organic broad-spectrum herbicide for all other applications. Check out our blog for more info about Fiesta.

Fiesta Weed Killer for Turf and Lawns

Rocky Mountain Bio Ag is proud to be one of the chief suppliers of Finalsan. Many of our customers use it successfully in the landscaping, organic agriculture, and land management roles. Finalsan is the only broad-spectrum herbicide we carry in our curated selection of products. We are confident not only that it works, but that it can provide the greatest benefit to our customers of any product on the market. Importantly, Finalsan has no lasting effect on the soil microbes that help build a healthy soil food web.

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