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Cutting down on harmful chemicals used in lawn maintenance is one of the best actions to build healthy, microbe rich soil at home. However, lawns often experience infestations by broad leaf weeds like dandelions or thistles.

Downsides to Common Weed Removing Practices

Microscope for soil microbesSynthetic lawn weed killers often include 2,4-D, which is highly toxic to weeds, using amine compounds to selectively kill plants, but sticks around in the soil and interferes with microbial activity--leading to long term harm. Hand weeding is the safest and most natural option, but in thick turf it is backbreaking work, and while some of the weeding tools available today work well, there is no comparison to chemical herbicides.

Why Fiesta Selective Weed Killers?

Selective weed killers, herbicides that don't harm common turf grasses, are a tempting alternative. FiESTA selective lawn weed killer is the best option to control lawn weeds with a safe chemical herbicide, and is a great alternative to 2,4-D. Fiesta is safe for pets and doesn't leave harmful residue; it is effective against common broad leaf weeds; and it doesn't hurt grasses or soil microbes.

Fiesta Selective Lawn Herbicide

Pets and people can enter an area treated with Fiesta as soon as the application dries. This is because Fiesta uses iron HEDTA, a non-toxic compound, as the active ingredient. While Fiesta can stain clothes or skin, it is a very low risk tool that homeowners can safely use to treat weeds in a lawn, even a lawn loved by pets and children. 

How does Iron HEDTA Work?

Iron HEDTA is a chelate of iron, and is used commonly to make iron water-soluble and bio-available to plants. When applied to broad-leaf plant leaves, the solution is absorbed directly through the pores at a high rate. This interferes with the plant's ability to transport nutrients, causing rapid death. Common lawn weeds like oxalis, thistles, dandelions, and more turn brown and die rapidly.

Grasses, on the other hand, absorb chelated iron through the roots, thus regulating the uptake and using only what is needed. Grasses treated with Fiesta are a darker green and denser a few weeks after application than they were before. Additional iron HEDTA left in the soil is a valuable building block to be used by soil fungi and bacteria.

Quantum Growth Organic Total

Rocky Mountain Bio Ag is proud to be one of the leading purveyors of Fiesta selective lawn weed killer in the country. We stand behind Fiesta as the best alternative to harmful selective herbicides like 2,4-D because it is safe, effective, and uses a natural mechanism to kill unwanted plants. Most importantly, Fiesta does not have a detrimental impact on people, pets, or beneficial soil microbes--like those found in the Quantum Organic Line of biological inoculants. The Chapin hose end sprayer or a Flowzone backpack sprayer are some of the best tools we have found for homeowners or greens keepers to apply Fiesta to help control weeds in turf. Check us out today to learn how you can have a lawn that is biological...beyond organic.

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