Fiesta Selective Weed Killer: Best Way to Keep Your Lawn Looking Great

Lawn care takes a lot of time and effort. Why not make it easier on yourself by finding the right Products for your needs? Look at this informative blog post about Fiesta! A selective weed killer that's changing the game! Fiesta effectively controls Bull Thistle, Creeping Buttercup, Dandelion, Moss, Speedwell, Persian Speedwell, White Clover. Fiesta effectively suppresses Black medic, English Daisy, Common Chickweed*. *At high rate only.

1. What is Fiesta Weed Killer and how does it work.
2. Benefits of using Fiesta over other weed killers on the market.
3. A few simple tips for applying Fiesta correctly.

Is there anything more frustrating than spending an hour weeding your lawn only to have the weeds come back a week later? It is a never-ending battle. But with Fiesta Selective Weed Killer, you can put an end to the cycle of pulling and spraying. Made from iron, Fiesta is a versatile, patented product that will help grass look its best, even in pesticide restricted areas such as parks, golf courses, cemeteries, sports fields, and playgrounds. And because it is made from iron, there's no unpleasant odor during or after application. So, you can get back to enjoying your turf instead of fighting a losing battle against the weeds.


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fiesta turf weed killer after telluride eco lawn rocky mountain bioag

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About Fiesta Selective Weed Killer and How it Works

Iron HEDTA is a chelate of iron and is commonly used to make iron, water-soluble and bio-available to plants. When applied to broad-leaf plant leaves, the leaves absorb the solution directly through the pores at a high rate. This interferes with the plant's ability to transport nutrients, causing rapid death. Common lawn weeds like Foxtails, Thistles, Dandelions, and more turn brown or black due to iron toxicity and die rapidly.

Fiesta Turf Weed Killer

Fiesta Selective Chelated Iron Spray Killer Controls Weeds and is a great way to get rid of these pesky weeds keeping your grass healthy and weed free. Grasses, on the other hand, absorb chelated iron through the roots, thus regulating the uptake and using only what is needed. Grasses treated with Fiesta are a darker green and denser a few weeks after application than they were before the added iron.

Additional Iron HEDTA left in the soil is a valuable building block to be used by soil fungi and bacteria. So don't let broadleaf weeds take over your lawn - give them the Fiesta treatment and watch the weeds take a long siesta!

Looking for an effective way to kill broadleaf weeds while also greening up your lawn? Look no further than Fiesta broad leaf weed killer. This selective herbicide not only works quickly (you'll see results in 24-48 hours), but it's also safe for humans and pets and is rain fast in just 3 short hours! And if that's not enough, it's also effective in cold weather! So, what are you waiting for? Pick up a bottle of Fiesta today and see the results for yourself!

Benefits of Using Fiesta Over Other Weed Killers on the Market

Hands pulling weeds from lawn

We all know that weeds can ruin a perfectly manicured lawn. But who has the time (or money) to constantly be on weed patrol? That's where Fiesta comes in. Fiesta is a low-risk selective broadleaf weed killer that kills weeds quickly and efficiently. Simply apply the product to weeds on a spot treatment basis, and results will usually be visible within 24 to 48 hours. Plus, Fiesta has no odor and doesn't require any special precautions, such as staying off the grass for several days. Just wait till the treated area is dry and you can re-enter the area! Plus, Fiesta is rain fast in just 3 short hours. Sounds too good to be true.

How does it work? Fiesta is immediately absorbed and delivered to the root via plant tissue. It works by causing iron toxicity in broadleaf weeds; because broadleaf weeds absorb and assimilate iron differently than turf grass, the weeds are controlled while the grass is not. The best part. You can apply Fiesta lawn weed killer before the germination of weeds in your lawn and in some instances, it has shown to be effective. Go ahead and enjoy your beautiful lawn - Fiesta has got your back.

The Other Side No one Looks at

Golf course

In suburban and urban areas, herbicides are applied to lawns, parks, golf courses and other areas. Herbicides are even applied to bodies of water to control aquatic weeds! These weeds can impede irrigation withdrawals or interfere with recreational and industrial uses of water (Folmar et al. 1979).

The potential effects of herbicides are strongly influenced by their toxic mode of action and their method of application. The molecular site of action is challenging to predict because structural associations have not been identified (Duke 1990), but modes of action are well-established.

Herbicides can act by inhibiting cell division, photosynthesis, or amino acid production or by mimicking natural plant growth hormones, causing deformities (Ross and Childs 1996). Application methods include spraying onto foliage, applying to soils and applying directly to aquatic systems.

A Few Easy Tips for Applying Fiesta Correctly

Woman spraying weeds

To apply Fiesta as a spot treatment you would add 5 ounces of Fiesta concentrate per 1 gallon of water to create a ready to use (RTU) solution great for spot spraying weeds near sensitive areas close to other plants. When spot spraying it is important that you saturate the target weed till drip off for best results. Be advised that herbicide sprays can easily travel in as little as 3 mile per hour winds so be very careful when spraying to avoid damage to vegetation and plants that are not the target. Also, always consult the product label and follow all application and mixing directions. Happy spot treating!

Fiesta selective weed killer is a great way to keep your yard looking pristine without putting your family or pets in danger. Fiesta selective weed killer is safe for humans and pets, so you can rest assured that your loved ones are not at risk when you use this product. Fiesta selective weed killer will kill weeds quickly and effectively without damaging your lawn.

For larger areas, you will need to mix 5 ounces of Fiesta selective weed killer concentrate per 1 gallon of water creating a ready to use spray (RTU). Then, apply 5 gallons to 10 gallons of the ready to use (RTU) solution per 1,000 square feet. This will ensure that the entire area is covered and that the weeds are killed quickly and efficiently.

Any standard handheld or backpack sprayer can be used. Thoroughly spray weeds. Use a coarse nozzle setting to reduce drift. Uniform coverage is important. Repeat treatment in 3 to 4 weeks for best results. Fiesta selective weed killer is the best way to keep your yard looking its best while also keeping your family and pets safe.

Use as a wetting agent or spreader-sticker with fertilizers and insecticides!


ThermX 70 OMRI Listed Concentrate Natural Wetting Agent Spreader Sticker | RMBA



Fiesta Application Chart:

Desired Final Volume of Spray Solution (Gallons)

Amount of Fiesta Weed Killer Concentrate in Spray Solution

Application Coverage of Spray Solution

1 Gallon

5 Ounces

Spot Spray

5 Gallons

25 Ounces

1,000 Sq. Ft.
Low Rate

7.5 Gallons

37.5 Ounces

1,000 Sq. Ft.
Medium Rate

10 Gallons

50 Ounces

1,000 Sq. Ft.
High Rate


Fiesta Application Equipment Options:

FlowZone Typhoon 2.5V Battery Operated Backpack SprayerGet the power you need with FlowZone battery operated backpack sprayers! You'll get it right every time with Chapin's Hose-end sprayers!

When is the Best Time of Year to Apply Weed Killer?

Spring is the best time of year to use weed killer. This is because you can catch weeds in their pre-growth state before they’ve had the opportunity to get fully established. Spring has the advantages of being both warm and wet - two conditions that are ideal for weed growth.

By targeting weeds in the spring, you can prevent them from growing and taking over your lawn later in the year. Fall is another effective season for applying weed killer, as this is when established weeds are most vulnerable. In fall weeds are taking stores of energy to their roots which will rapidly help the transportation of chelated iron to the root of the problem.

Ahead of winter, many plants start to lose energy and die back and are more controllable by herbicides. You can use this time to target any remaining weeds before they have a chance to regrow in the spring. While summer is not as ideal as spring or fall, it can still be an effective time for using weed killer. Weeds are more likely to grow during warmer months, so this is when they will be most susceptible to herbicides. However, it’s important to note that weed killers can also damage your plants if they’re not applied correctly during hot summer months.

Be sure to follow the directions on the label carefully and avoid applying them during periods of drought or extreme heat. Do not apply to drought stressed grass; ensure turf is well watered prior to application. Do not apply when the daytime temperature will exceed 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lastly, winter is the least ideal time for using weed killers as the cold weather can make them less effective. That said, if you live in an area with a mild climate, you may still be able to target some hardy weeds during the winter season. But overall, it’s best to wait until spring or fall to apply weed killers for best results.

The Best Conditions to Apply

Weeds growing in a pathSo, you're finally ready to tackle those pesky weeds that have been growing in your lawn for months (or maybe even years). Congratulations! But before you can start spraying them with Fiesta Weed Killer, there are a few things you need to know.

First, it's important to choose the right time of year to kill the weeds for best results which is spring or fall. In general, weed killers work best when the soil is moist, so try to apply them during periods of rain or shortly afterwards and make sure that there is no rain forecasted within 3 hours after application and that you do not irrigate within 3 hours of application.

They also work best when the weather is mild - avoid strong sunshine, excessive heat when daytime temperatures will exceed 85 degrees Fahrenheit, frost, or freezing temperatures. Another thing to keep in mind is the condition of the soil. Weeds absorb herbicides more effectively when the soil is loose and damp, so make sure to water the area well before applying the weed killer.

Be careful not to spray it on plants you want to keep - weed killers can be very harmful to them. Weeds come in all shapes and sizes, knowing which type of weed you're dealing with is essential for targeting it with the appropriate herbicide.

Selective Herbicides and Non-Selective Herbicides

Finalsan | RoundUp Alternative

Herbicides are classified into two types: Selective - Fiesta and Non-Selective - Finalsan. Selective herbicides kill a specific type of weed and do not harm grasses when used properly, while non-selective herbicides kill all plants that they meet including grasses. It's important to note that non-selective herbicides will kill any desirable plants as well, so be careful where you apply them. Weed killers are most effective when applied to the plant in its early growth stages.

For annual weeds, this is typically when they are just starting to grow in the Spring. For perennial weeds, weed killers should be applied in the late Summer or early Fall when the weed is actively growing. Controlling weeds is an important part of lawn and turf care, it's important to use the right herbicide for the right weed and target pest. By understanding the life cycle of your weeds, you can target them more effectively and achieve better results.

Get Rid of Pesky Weeds

Weeds are pesky things, aren't they? They seem to always find a way to grow, no matter what we do to stop them. But with the right tools and knowledge, you can get rid of them for good.

To start, it's important to understand why weeds grow in the first place. Many times, they grow because of poor maintenance habits or an imbalance in the soil. Weeds also thrive in disturbed areas where soil is showing, so if your lawn is constantly being mowed too short or walked on excessively, you're more likely to have a weed problem.

Once you've identified the cause of your weed problem, it's time to act. One of the most effective ways to get rid of weeds in your lawn and turf is with a selective herbicide like Fiesta selective weed killer. This herbicide kills only weeds without harming your grass. To ensure that the herbicide is effective, it's important to spray the weed thoroughly till drip off.

Man spraying lawn for weedsRe-applying every 3 to 4 weeks is key when fighting weeds that are hard to kill. Although consistent reapplication is important do not apply to the same area more than 4 times per year. Weeds often have a lot of energy left in their roots, so hitting them hard and often is essential for defeating them. With a little bit of effort and the right tools, you can say goodbye to those pesky weeds for good!

Fiesta is a selective organic turf and lawn weed killer that can be used by anyone, regardless of your experience with turf and landscape care. It’s easy to use and it gets the job done quickly and efficiently. If you are looking for an organic option that still provides powerful results, Fiesta should be at the top of your list. Not only does this product work well, but it also comes from a company that cares about the environment and your safety and has been in business for over 200 years!

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up some Fiesta today and enjoy the lawn you always dreamed of having. Your neighbors will be green with envy and your lawn dark green with health!

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