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PureCrop1 uses clean technology and colloidal chemistry to eliminate pests, molds, and mildews, increase plant health, and more effectively deliver nutrients than water alone. One product derived entirely from seven organic plant-based ingredients that does it all - an insecticide, fungicide, biostimulant, and surfactant.

While the active ingredients in PureCrop1 are corn and soybean oil, it is, in fact, NOT an oil. PureCrop1 utilizes nanotechnology in an intelligent rearrangement of molecules to create colloidal micelle. Using long-chain fatty acids in both oils to create a self-assembling molecule, the colloidal micelle’s particle size and ability to provide chemical and physical stability offers a unique mode of action.

  • All plant-based ingredients
  • Tests clean parts per billion
  • Does not harm beneficial insects
  • Can be used up to day of harvest
  • Zero REI, Zero PHI
  • FIFRA 25(b) exempt
  • OMRI Listed, CCOF and ASCO Approved
  • Friendly to the planet, people, kids, and pets
  • Increases Brix levels
  • Maximizes H₂0 utilization
  • Improves nutrient intake
  • No phytotoxicity issues
  • Balances pH levels
  • No change in color or flavor
  • Reduces salt build-up
  • No limitation on plant use
  • Rainfast within two hours

    PureCrop1 eliminates all sap-sucking insects such as aphids, leafhoppers, mites, stink bugs, thrips, whiteflies, and other insects feeding on the plant. These pests are eliminated through membrane disruption of the enzymes in their gut. The specific ingredients that make PureCrop1 are naturally bio-selective to only these types of membranes, leaving beneficial insects, pets, and humans unharmed.

    Our powerful organic formula attacks mold and mildew by disrupting the membrane and weakening cells. PureCrop1 works as a surface acting agent, or aggregate, to cure and prevent mold and mildew by washing away, sterilizing, and completely biodegrading the spores. The micelle shields the anchor sites mold and mildew attach and grow too for up to ten days. Additionally, the micelle increases the activity of phytoalexins, which inhibit the growth of parasites.

    The colloidal micelles deliver fatty acids from plant-based ingredients directly to the sap layer, where they can be used immediately by the plant to metabolize into various hormones used for stress response and growth regulation. Due to increased availability of hormones, nutrients, and water, PureCrop1 increases Brix levels, which can help plants resist pests naturally, improving health and making the plant more vibrant.

    Also described as a surfactant, PureCrop1 lowers the surface tension of water, causing it to spread and stick. The micelle’s nano-meter particle size can deliver nutrients directly to where they are needed, without clogging the stomata. Due to our micelles electrical properties, PureCrop1 is a natural surfactant that is compatible with all other garden products.

    • For pest, mold, mildew curative treatment: 2% solution; 2-oz per gallon every 2-3 days
    • For preventative care: 1% solution; 1-oz per gallon every 7-10 days
    • Biostimulant: 1% solution; Spray 1oz per gallon every 7 days
    • Surfactant: 1qt per 100 gallons of water
    • Root/Soil drench application: 0.5% to 1% Solution; 1/2oz to 1oz per gallon depending on infestation

    PureCrop1 eliminates all sap-sucking insects including but not limited to; aphids, leafhoppers, mites, stink bugs, thrips, whiteflies, ants, scale, and more.

    PureCrop1 treats Botrytis, Fusarium Wilt, Powdery Mildew, Downy Mildew, Alternaria, Fire Blight, and more.

    1. Fill your container with filtered water
    2. Add PureCrop1 concentrate at your desired dilution rate 
    3. Shake
    4. Spray
    • You can use PureCrop1 as a foliar spray or as a root drench on young plants with established roots to the day of harvest.
    • There are many acceptable application methods and sprayers; however, we recommend an atomizer for best coverage. 
    • Spray early morning or in the late afternoon while humidity is higher and temperatures are lower. Doing so will ensure a more extended working period and higher efficacy for PureCrop1.
    • Coverage is essential, thoroughly spray all branches, stems, and leaves including the underside.
    • The shelf life of concentrated PureCrop1 is five years.
    • If using reverse osmosis (RO) water to dilute, the shelf life remains at five years.
    • Filtered water, the shelf life is up to 30 days.
    • If using tap water, the shelf life is one week.
    • Use the solution immediately if using well water to dilute the formula.

    PureCrop1 SDS

    Active (15%): Soybean Oil (10%), Corn Oil (5%) Inert (85%): Filtered Water, Guar Gum, Glycerin, Citric Acid, Soap, Vanillin

    Made of all plant-based ingredients, PureCrop1 is OMRI Listed, approved through CCOF & ASCO, and can be used up to the day of harvest while still testing clean parts per billion. With zero PHI and REI, drift is not an issue. PureCrop1 is FIFRA 25(b) exempt, so no reporting is required when using this product. Posing little to no risk to human health or the environment, PureCrop1 is gentle enough for use around children, pets, and even beneficial insects!

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