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Integra Boost Packs 2-Way Humidity Regulator 62%


Integra Boost 2-Way Packs 62%

INTEGRA BOOST Humidiccant uses patent pending technology that releases or absorbs moisture, maintaining relative humidity at 62% in a contained environment. BOOST's 2-Way Humidity Regulator packs control your moisture consistently and effectively inside any sealed container.

Product Benefits

  • Maintains optimum humidity level and keeps product FRESH
  • Prevents dry and crispy plants, harsh and unpleasant smoke and mold from forming
  • Non-corrosive ingredients do not alter smell safe to touch plants
  • Preserves medical qualities while maintaining flavor and aroma
  • Includes replacement indicator card for hands free monitoring, eliminate the guessing game
  • BOOST packs made with food grade inks 

Competitor VS Integra Boost

  • Salt-Free Solution.
  • BOOST is tear resistant & spill proof. It stays pliable reducing risk of tear and leakage.
  • Replacement indicator cards included also know as humidity indicator cards. It's a hands-free way of monitoring, so there’s no guessing game as to when the product is used up. Packs do not get hard and there is no need to open jars to "FEEL" the pack.
  • Package is made with food grade inks so it is safe to touch your plants
  • Only company to offer humidity regulator packs at 55% relative humidity
  • BOOST packs will not alter plants flavor or aromas

Size Recommendations

There is no harm in using multiple packs to introduce moisture faster.
Boost packs will adapt and respond accordingly.

  • Up to 12 grams of plants, use 4 grams of Integra Boost
  • 12 grams - 28 grams of plants, use 8 grams of Integra Boost
  • Up to 450 grams of plants, use 67 grams of Integra Boost

Usage Directions

  1. Remove Integra Boost packet from clear over-wrap and place into a sealed container with contents to be preserved and protected.
  2. Drop the replacement indicating card inside the container and seal.
  3. Integra Boost will begin to regulate relative humidity inside the container to the specific relative humidity percentage labeled on the packet.
  4. Replace packet when the dot turns blue.

When Do I Replace?

With every Boost pack includes a replacement indicator card for accurately reading of humidity levels and hands free monitoring. The replacement indicator card allows you to know when it's time to replace your pack, without having to open your container and feel for a pack, and without having to dump out your plant to reach the humidity pack. When the dot turns blue, it's time to replace the pack, eliminating the guessing game!

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