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    Hey everyone, RMBA here with the newest revolution in healthy eating— Our Microgreen and Sprouting Kits and Supplies! This method of food preparation packs a serious punch, giving you an unbeatable range of vitamins and micronutrients that promote both your physical and mental health.  Count me in!

    Sprouting also takes all the healthy goodness from grains and beans to the next level. Protein increases by as much as 20%, while vitamins and minerals increase by up to 500%. On top of that, sprouts remove substances like phytic acid and lectin found in grains which makes them super hard to digest. By sprouting those same plants, they become easier to absorb while boosting the nutritional content even more. An all-natural way to help your gut out…Yes please!

    So don't waste any more time—check out our Microgreen and Sprouting Kits and Supplies today! Make sure you're getting all the benefits you deserve with quality products straight to your door. Make every bite count!
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