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Sprouting has never been easier than it is with a Rocky Mountain BioAg® Mason Jar Sprout Lid. This innovative mesh lid fits any wide-mouth Mason jar, ensuring you can sprout as much or as little as you’d like. Made entirely from durable, food-grade plastic and free from harmful BPA, this Mason Jar Sprout Lid will last for years without rusting or degrading over time.

The health benefits of sprouts cannot be overstated. When seeds are sprouted, they release special enzymes and proteins that help the body absorb minerals more effectively. Additionally, sprouted seeds are rich in several vitamins and minerals that are essential for everyday health.

Whether you’re hoping to sprout some seeds to transplant or you simply want to be able to consume a delicious, nutrient-dense food, the Mason Jar Sprout Lid from Rocky Mountain BioAg® is the perfect solution. Sprout like a champ today and elevate your eating habits with the Rocky Mountain BioAg® Mason Jar Sprout Lid.

Product Benefits

  • Made in the United States
  • BPA-free materials
  • Fits wide-mouth Mason jars
  • Durable plastic won’t rust or tarnish

Sprout Jar Lids "Jar Method" Sprouting Instructions

  • For a quart-sized jar, start with 1 1/2 tablespoons seeds inside the jar, screw on the fine mesh sprouting lid and partially fill the jar through the sprout jar lid with warm water, not hot. Swirl it around to clean the seeds, then pour out. Refill with warm water to cover at about 3 times their depth & let soak overnight, away from light. This gets the germination process started.
  • Pour off the soak water. Find a location that is not exposed to direct sunlight. Place drained jar propped at an angle to allow any extra water to drain out. Turn the jar to spread out the seed. Cover the jar with the sprout jar lids and a dishtowel and leave for 3 to 4 hours.
  • Rinse sprouts with cool, fresh water 2 or 3 times each day until they are ready to eat or refrigerate. When they begin to throw off the seed hulls, let the jar with sprout jar lids installed overflow with the water and the hulls will float out the top through the sprouting lid screen. Turn the jar to spread out the seed each time you rinse.
  • Pour the sprouts into a pan or sink of clean water. Skim off any remaining hulls that float to the surface. Other hulls will fall to the bottom of the container. Pull out the sprouts, gently shake off excess moisture and drain in a colander.
  • Clean the jar and sprout jar lid. Place sprouts for greening back into the jar. Place in indirect sunlight. Near a kitchen window is fine. After the sprouts have greened with chlorophyll and carotene for a day or so, rinse, drain with sprouting lids & eat or refrigerate.
  • Sprouts will stay fresh & hearty for a week or more when refrigerated, if you rinse them every day or two. You can even give the green sprouts an extra hour of sunlight after rinsing to keep them at their nutritional peak. Caution: Since sprouts are frost sensitive, don't place sprouts near the freezer compartment.

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This has been the best pumice i have ever used!!! Besides the great customer service (*****)

Ricardo S

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Rocky Mountain BioAg has the best customer service! Prompt delivery and product support. Thanks !

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I have a greenhouse that unfortunately does not get the ideal sunlight due to its location on the north side of my home. I have been using Rocky Mountain BioAg’s Quantum Growth Organic Total for over a year and have seen a dramatic increase in plant growth and vegetable yield compared to past years. Highly recommend the product.

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Excellent customer service, quick response, fast turnover and shipment of merchandise and product was exactly what was described on website and what I wanted. Great Company!

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