When we say that we focus on the health of the world around us, we aren’t just talking about the supplements we sell for your lawn, garden, and crops. Our collection Microbe-Lift is a prime example of our commitment to creating sustainable environments.

    Microbe-Lift is designed to cleanse the environment naturally, breaking down pollutants and chemicals into essential elements that can be returned to the biosphere. These elements are non-toxic, biodegradable, and pet-friendly, so they’re safe to use around your children, pets, and other natural wildlife. In addition, our products are designed to help treat common issues associated with maintaining healthy landscapes, bodies of water, and agricultural operations. From small ponds to large lakes, we’ve got you covered.

    Located in Montrose, Colorado, we are the largest organic fertilizer and amendment supplier in the western part of the state. We utilize cutting-edge technology to create environmentally focused products that are delivered to customers nationwide. As a small business with the resources of a much larger company, Rocky Mountain BioAg® is here to serve farmers, gardeners, and land stewards of all plot sizes.

    Our collection of Microbe-Lift:
    • Features a wide range of products designed to provide a solution for every challenge.
    • Is safe for families, pets, and the environment so that you can feel good about shopping.
    • Is available in multiple sizes to serve projects of varying complexities.

    Shop with us today and find the solutions you need at the prices you can afford, all thanks to Rocky Mountain BioAg®.
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