Bulk Ice Melters by Xynyth

    When the winter months come, load up on bulk ice melt products by the pallet to keep your home and business looking good while protecting plants and property. Each one is specifically formulated to be completely eco-friendly and safe and easy to use. These ice melts won’t burn your lawn, corrode metals, or be harmful to kids and pets while they melt ice and snow effectively on your property.

    Common rock salts found in other ice melts are harmful to your lawn and landscape, can cause corrosive damage to metal ornamentation, and can even damage your sidewalks and concrete. Some of our bulk ice melt products are specially and safely formulated with potassium, which is a common fertilizer and food-based ingredient.

    We pride ourselves in providing an eco-friendly product that is safe to use and protects your properties, even during those months you can’t see it! These superior products are available in bulk for larger properties and include ice melts designed specifically to be used around all green buildings or properties, airports and runways, and most importantly – your home.

    Our eco-friendly bulk ice melts are:
    • Safe for the environment
    • Safe on concrete
    • Easy to apply
    • Pet and kid-friendly
    • Non-corrosive

    No matter where you are applying our bulk ice melts, you will feel good knowing you are protecting the environment, preserving your landscaping, and using a product that won’t hurt pets or kids.
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