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Fiesta selective lawn weed killer on Grass Background
Rocky Mountain Bio Ag is proud to be one of the leading purveyors of Fiesta selective lawn weed killer in the country. We stand behind Fiesta as the best alternative to harmful selective herbicides like 2,4-D because it is safe, effective, and uses a natural mechanism to kill unwanted plants. Most importantly, Fiesta does not have a detrimental impact on people, pets, or beneficial soil microbes
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Humic Substances Chemical Makeup
Granular Humic Acids from Rocky Mountain Bio Ag is a processed humic substances blend sourced from a lignite deposit in the American Southwest.  The source is noted to be naturally high in fulvic acids as compared to other lignite sources due to repeated natural oxidization of the material through geological and climatic conditions
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Icy Conditions Ahead Sign
Chemical ice melters are a good alternative to the backbreaking labor associated with keeping sidewalks clear of ice, and safe for pedestrians.  There are many different options, and there are trade offs for all of them. Most Ice melts are based in salts of some sort. There are other, more complex formulas available, but this discussion will focus on only the different salts used as ice melters.
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