The Best Weed Killers for Your Garden

Imagine your perfect garden: soil teeming with life, new growth swaying in a gentle breeze, and a lovely mix of wildlife helping to keep your space healthy. It’s a lovely thought, but what many people don’t realize is that there is a silent battle being fought just below the surface. Beneath your beautiful greenery lies a potential offender: weeds. 

Weeds are, unfortunately, a very natural part of gardening. No matter how hard you work to perfectly nurture your growing seeds, sometimes weeds have a way of finding their way in. That’s where weed killers, or herbicides, come in. Herbicides can be a great addition to your gardening routine and the solution to getting rid of lawn weeds, but it’s imperative to make sure they’re doing more good than harm. 

Choosing organic weed killers is a great way to make sure your garden stays nourished and weed-free without compromising your commitment to natural, organic products. 

Why Do I Need Natural Weed Killers

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When choosing the best weed killer, it’s important to pick natural, organic weed killers to ensure the health and longevity of your garden and all the fruits of your labor. The best weed killers are those that target multiple types of invasive weeds while still nourishing your plants and encouraging the improvement of soil health. You can have the best of both worlds! 

Organic weed killers ensure your crops are safe to consume and have the best nutritional value possible. The use of natural weed killers is also great for the environment. Some herbicides, while potentially effective, can leech harmful chemicals into the earth, resulting in unhealthy soil that may no longer be fertile. Organic weed killers break down naturally, reducing soil and water pollution. Choosing a natural weed killer not only helps the earth but it also helps you feel good about the products you are using. 

Finally, organic options are some of the best weed killers because they are simply much safer to use. They don’t contaminate water sources, they prioritize soil nutrition, and they are generally safe for kids, pets, and all the beneficial microorganisms in your garden. The more you can minimize the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals, the better. 

What Should I Look for in Organic Weed Killer

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One of the most important things to look out for when choosing the best weed killer is approval from legitimate organizations like the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The USDA has a National Organic Program focused entirely on highlighting and approving products that are organic and safe for the environment. Their standards are very strict, so approval from the program says a lot about the legitimacy of the product. 

Another thing to look for is natural products that you recognize. Fortunately, there are tons of everyday things that act as amazing herbicides, such as:

  • Citrus peels
  • Vinegar 
  • Boiling water
  • Salt 
  • Baking Soda

Look for ingredients you recognize, like the citrus oil in Avenger Organic Weed Killer. Not only does it boast quick results and excellent outcomes, but it also has a lovely orange scent that is totally safe. Iron is another popular organic weed killer that’s entirely environmentally friendly and easy to apply. Iron-based solutions, like the Turf Weed Killer from Fiesta are some of the best weed killers because they are safe for pets and kids and are even approved in areas where most pesticides and herbicides are banned. 

Types of Organic Weed Killers 

When choosing the best weed killer for your situation, consider the different types of weed spray available. They all have different ways of working and are best used under specific circumstances.

Some types of weed spray available are: 

  • Contact herbicides
  • Systemic herbicides
  • Pre-emergent herbicides
  • Post-emergent herbicides
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Contact herbicides do exactly what the name implies: kill on contact. They dehydrate and destroy the weed on contact, attacking the plant’s foliage. These are great for fast-growing invaders but don’t typically address the weed’s roots. Systemic herbicides are absorbed by the weed and transported to the root system, hence the systemic name. These are highly effective and offer long-lasting control. 

Pre-emergent weed spray is a great option for many gardeners because the goal is to prevent weeds from sprouting in the first place. These are used as a preventative measure and are best applied during watering cycles using a pressure sprayer. Post-emergent weed spray is used for eliminating those pesky, unwelcome guests who have already established themselves within your garden. 

How to Apply Organic Weed Killers 

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Learning how to apply weed spray is easy, and the best weed killer is the one that is most convenient for you. Some weed sprays come in simple, ready-to-use bottles that you can put directly on problematic weeds. For instance, the Pulverize Selective Weed Killer can be used as an easy spot treatment and sprayed straight out of the bottle. 

If you’re in search of a more systemic, widespread approach, consider using a weed spray concentrate. Concentrates are watered down using a specific ratio, typically using some sort of hose sprayer or irrigation system. The benefit of weed spray concentrates is that they are typically cheaper and last longer due to their condensed, nutrient-dense nature. 

The other type of natural weed killer is not a weed spray at all; it’s a dry mixture of beneficial organic herbicides that is sprinkled over lawns and gardens, similar to how you might spread grass seed. Granular herbicides are some of the best weed killers for beginners because they’re extremely user-friendly and work in tons of different scenarios. 

Staying Safe with Weed Spray

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As with any other gardening tool, it’s important to recognize certain safety measures when applying weed spray and other organic weed killers. Always be cautious around your desired plants; you wouldn’t want to accidentally kill your lawn in an attempt to rid it of crab grass! Additionally, you should always use protective gear, such as gloves and eyewear, when handling weed sprays. Even though the best weed killers are safe for all, they can still cause mild irritation if contact occurs. 

Ultimately, the best weed killer for you is the one that checks all your boxes, whether that be convenience, affordability, or ingredients. Whether you're a weed spray lover or a granular type of gardener, Rocky Mountain BioAg® has what you’re looking for. 

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