Pulverize Selective Weed Killer for Turf and Lawns in Ready to Use Spray Bottle
Pulverize Selective Weed Killer for Turf and Lawns Hose End Sprayer
1 Gallon of Pulverize Selective Weed Killer for Turf and Lawns
Pulverize Selective Weed Killer for Turf and Lawns Product Family

Pulverize Selective Weed Killer for Turf and Lawns

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With the same tried-and-true formula of Fiesta Selective Weed Killer, Pulverize Selective Weed Killer for Turf and Lawns is the ready-to-use, simple-as-ever product that will have your turf looking its best in no time flat. Pulverize has created the best selective, broadleaf weed killer that is sure to leave turf healthy and weed-free using a patented iron formulation.

From easy spray bottles to simple hose applicators, the guessing game of perfect ratios and formulations has never been easier. It works quickly, delivering same-day results no matter the weather or time of year. Not only is it extremely effective, but it’s extremely safe and can be used around pets and people, even in states where certain bans exist.

With no unpleasant odor, this product offers very short re-entry restrictions, which allows you to fully enjoy your lawn or turf whenever you’d like. If you are committed to having the most beautiful lawn while also ensuring the safety of the planet, look no further than Pulverize Selective Weed Killer for Turf and Lawns.


  • People and pet-friendly
  • Can be used where pesticide bans exist
  • Visible results within 24 hours
  • Rainfast within 3 hours

    Available Sizes

    Ready-To-Use / Hose End Sprayer

    • 32 ounce ready-to-use spray bottle
    • 1 gallon ready-to-use spray bottle 
    • 32 ounce hose end sprayer - coverage up to 1250 sq. ft. 
    Fiesta Concentrate

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    This has been the best pumice i have ever used!!! Besides the great customer service (*****)

    Ricardo S

    McAllen, TX


    Rocky Mountain BioAg has the best customer service! Prompt delivery and product support. Thanks !

    Joe B

    South Kingstown, RI


    I have a greenhouse that unfortunately does not get the ideal sunlight due to its location on the north side of my home. I have been using Rocky Mountain BioAg’s Quantum Growth Organic Total for over a year and have seen a dramatic increase in plant growth and vegetable yield compared to past years. Highly recommend the product.

    Jack C

    Sarasota, FL


    Excellent customer service, quick response, fast turnover and shipment of merchandise and product was exactly what was described on website and what I wanted. Great Company!

    Jessica S

    Harrisonburg, VA