The Benefits of Nitrogen Fertilizer

You long to have the perfect yard - the one neighbor's envy as they walk past your house - with lush green grass, a beautiful garden, and just the right amount of foliage. However, getting that perfectly manicured lawn might seem a little more daunting than you’d like. Thinking about the science behind the perfect lawn is, well, a lot if it’s new to you. 

With dozens and dozens of fertilizer options out there, how are you ever supposed to decide what’s best for your yard and garden? Each option has positive and potentially negative impacts, but the benefits of nitrogen fertilizer cannot be overstated. Rocky Mountain BioAg® stocks only the best nitrogen fertilizer, and we’re happy to help you understand all the mechanics of your lawn and garden so you can watch your plants (and your neighbors) turn green. 

What to Look for in a Fertilizer 

Quantum Growth Organic Total

Choosing the best fertilizer for your lawn or garden might seem tricky, but it’s important to pick one that has elements that naturally support plant health. There are three big elements that are essential for successful plant growth: 

  1. Nitrogen
  2. Phosphorus
  3. Potassium

Why Should I Choose High-Nitrogen Fertilizer?

Choosing the best nitrogen fertilizer is a great first step in supporting your lawn and garden because it is a crucial component in photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is how plants get their nutrients. It’s a process where plants take the things they need from the environment – water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide, and turn them into oxygen and energy. If they have the correct resources, plants are quite self-sufficient. 

This is where choosing the best organic high-nitrogen fertilizer comes in, as nitrogen allows photosynthesis to occur. Soil nutrition is key, and if it’s lacking this vital element, your plants very well might shrivel up. Once your soil nutrition is improved, try using a product like Quantum Growth Organic Total, which is not a fertilizer, but a solution providing humic matter, micronutrients and microbes that fix nitrogen from the atmosphere naturally, further promoting soil health. 

Science and the Benefits of Nitrogen Fertilizer 

Active 13-2-2 Organic Fertilizer

The science behind why high-nitrogen fertilizer is helpful for plants is fascinating, and understanding how and why it works can be the key to unlocking your perfect lawn or garden. Chlorophyll is part of what plants need to complete the photosynthesis process, and chlorophyll is made up of several elements, including nitrogen. 

Once the organic high-nitrogen fertilizer works its way into plant cells, the plants are able to photosynthesize quicker and more efficiently, leading to better growth, increased budding, and longer lifespans. The continued benefits of organic high-nitrogen fertilizer can even increase the health of your soil, so future crops can get off to a great start once they’re planted. 

Additionally, improved soil health from the addition of nitrogen can protect your plants from disease and pests. Common garden problems, like aphids and tomato rot, will be a thing of the past. When you work on improving soil health, the many benefits of nitrogen fertilizer shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Why are Organic Products Important for Lawn Care? 

Choosing eco-friendly, sustainable products like organic fertilizers not only helps you and your plants, but it helps the environment, too. Traditional harsh fertilizers and herbicides can pose a significant health and safety risk to many different groups, like: 

  • Children
  • Animals
  • Other plants and crops
Avenger Organic Weed Killer

If you choose to use chemical fertilizers instead of something more natural, harmful materials can make their way into your yard, the air, and even the water supply. Children and animals are more likely to consume things they shouldn’t, and accidentally ingesting those chemicals is very dangerous. Choosing to use natural fertilizers and organic herbicides decreases the risk to all populations. 

Additionally, harsh chemical fertilizers can pose a risk to other plants. Some traditional fertilizers may do the job in the short term, but they can leech nutrients from the soil and make it hard for plants to grow in subsequent seasons. This forces you to buy even more fertilizer, continuing the cycle of unhealthy soil. 

Are There Economic Benefits of Nitrogen Fertilizers?

Investing in the best organic nitrogen fertilizer can lead to long-term financial benefits and a great return on investment for your lawn or garden. First and foremost, by contributing to the health of the soil, you are setting your lawn and garden up for future success and fewer issues down the road. One of the benefits of the best organic nitrogen fertilizer is that it helps current plants but also improves soil nutrition, so you may need less fertilizer in subsequent years.

Additionally, healthy soil and increased rates of photosynthesis lead to the following:
  • Higher crop yields
  • Fast growth 
  • Less disease and plant death 

If you’re using organic nitrogen fertilizer on your lawn, you can expect to see thick, lush grass that grows quickly. You may have to get out the lawn mower more often, but your property will look better than ever. 

How to Choose the Right High-Nitrogen Fertilizers for Your Needs

Active 5-10-10 Organic Fertilizer

Choosing an organic high-nitrogen fertilizer depends on your lawn and gardening goals. Each fertilizer is categorized with a series of three numbers that represent concentrations of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in the product. For example, a 5-10-10 fertilizer has five percent nitrogen and ten percent phosphorus and potassium. 

If you are looking specifically for the best high-nitrogen fertilizer, a 13-2-2, 16-0-0 or even a 10-0-0 option is your best bet. The benefits of nitrogen fertilizer shine due to the low concentration of the other elements. Because organic nitrogen fertilizers are made from only naturally derived ingredients, they don’t compete with the current soil but add benefits to the soil. 

Finally, when choosing the best high-nitrogen fertilizer for you, consider the methods with which you want to apply them to your garden or yard. Some people love the convenience of an all-in-one, ready-to-use liquid fertilizer, while others prefer dry fertilizer so they can use it at their own pace. 

The Future of High-Nitrogen Fertilizers

Explorer 10-0-0 Liquid Organic Fertilizer

The numerous benefits of the best nitrogen fertilizer make it a great choice for gardening rookies, experienced landscapers, and everyone in between. When you opt for the best organic nitrogen fertilizers from Rocky Mountain BioAg®, you’re not only nourishing your plants, but you’re protecting the environment. The sustainable and long-term benefits of nitrogen fertilizers go far beyond crop yield and will make your natural space healthier than ever. 

Whether you’re tending to a small backyard garden or managing vast agricultural landscapes, the benefits of organic nitrogen fertilizers will improve your plants, impress your whole neighborhood, and support the planet all at once. 

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