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Ferticell Active N-P-K 5-10-10 is a line of high-efficiency organic certified fertilizing materials for organic crop production. Ferticell Active N-P-K allows organic growers the opportunity to fine-tune their fertilization schedule, a versatility previously enjoyed only by conventional farmers. The creation of accurate plant nutrition guidelines has always been a challenge in organic production. In addition to pest control, plant nutrition remains one of the key limiting factors for organic farmers' yields. Organic growers and crop advisors may now create fertilizer recommendations that provide the right nutrient at the right time and at the right rate using traditional practices. Ferticell Active 5-10-10 N-P-K is produced using the best quality plant and mineral resources. No animal waste or by-products are used in processing, a significant benefit in resolving food safety issues and regulations. Active 5-10-10 carries a great balance of P and K and is a great product for early emergence. The NPK ratio is very appealing for any grower and can be used at any time of a crop life cycle. It is the best product for finishing out any crop, specifically at and after flowering. Ferticell Active N-P-K is non-GMO and approved for use in certified organic agriculture! What are you waiting for dial in your organic fertilizer program today with Ferticell's Active N-P-K 5-10-10 and reap the benefits!

  • Balanced for flowering and fruit set
  • Provides the macronutrients required for healthy growth
  • Plant-based, soy protein hydrolysate for immediate N availability
  • Efficient water-suspension product
  • No animal by-products
  • It May be applied through drip irrigation and other irrigation methods
  • Natural product with no negative environmental impact
  • User-friendly, safe for employees to handle

Ferticell Active 2-20-2 boosts plant energy during high metabolic stress periods and the 5-10-10 is balanced for flowering and fruit set. The certified organic Active 13-2-2 fertilizer works great for boosting nitrogen during rapid vegetative growth and the 10-3-10 supports fruit sizing and increased sugar formation.

Active 5-10-10: Balanced for flowering and fruit set
Active 2-20-2: For boosting plant energy during high metabolic stress periods
Active 13-2-2: For boosting nitrogen during rapid vegetative growth
Active: 10-3-10: To support fruit sizing and increased sugar formation

Active may be used with all soil and soilless media, including Coco Coir, and is compatible with all nutrient programs. Always check for pH and CF levels.

Store in a cool, dry place. Do not store in direct sunlight.

Container Application: 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon per 1-gallon of water

 *Rates may vary based on conditions and application

2 pound, 44-pound bags

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