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Harvest season for outdoor cannabis crops is rapidly approaching, are you prepared for the harvest, curing, and trimming season? Here at Rocky Mountain Bio Ag, we have many useful tools that can help the home grower harvesting for the first time, or a commercial grow building their tool set.

Best Products for Cannabis Harvesting

PureCrop1 Micelle insecticide Fungicide BiostimulantCannabis is fairly complicated crop to harvest and prepare for market or storage. The right tools for the job make for much quicker work. The first step in harvesting is cleaning the crop. A bud wash can be a great way to clean product, especially if it is grown outdoors. Whether smoking or processing into derivative products, cleaner buds mean better taste and better outputs.

1. Bud Wash 

PureCrop1 is a versatile, and effective pest control product, but did you know it is also a capable bud wash? A brief dip into a dilute PC1 solution directly after harvest, will help was away grit and dust, the bodies of pests killed with PC1 throughout the grow cycle, and any residue left from other foliar application products.


2. DeBudder Tools


DeBudder Bucket Lid - Bucking Made EASY
After the curing process, most growers process buds by trimming for smokable flower, or grinding to make derivative products. The DeBudder from 420 Brands is an amazing tool to bulk remove stems from cannabis plants. The table edge version is easy to use, and can be installed in seconds. It is a great option for large scale operations with processing infrastructure, or a home grower with limited space for processing. The Bucket lid is absolutely ideal for small scale growers and can even be used to process buds directly into bubble hash bags.


 3. Trimmers

Trimming can be an arduous task for processing high quality smokable flower, whether CBD hemp or medicinal/recreational THC products. Experienced trimmers know that a good pair of shears can directly increase daily production by resisting fatigue and fighting repetitive stress injuries. We have high quality Hydrofarm titanium Trimmers in both straight blade, and curved. These shears are sharp, spring-loaded, TiNi coated, and ergonomic. Plus they come with a great sheath included. Replacement springs keep you trimming, and directly increase the yield of each trimmer.

4. Trimming Brush

Trimming Brush

For a more gently processing experience, try the CannaBrush! This food grade silicone brush is a great way to gently reduce the veg matter content without damaging the structure of beautifully formed colas. The rectangle profile gives a stiff, but yielding bristle to sweep away the fan leaves while leaving the structure of the buds intact.

5. Trim Bins

Trim bins are a great tool to capture the residue so it can be incorporated into derivative products. 2021 supply issue have lead to us being out of stock on trim bins themselves, but we do have some precious supply of trim bin screens and bag holders. If you are having trouble getting replacement parts for your trim bins, we have you covered.

6. Humidity Regulators

Integra Boost Packs 2-Way Humidity Regulator 55%

Once your product is processed. It needs to be stored. Humidity is one of the toughest variables to regulate when storing cannabis flower. Smokable products are best at particular humidity. Electro-mechanical humidity regulation systems are great for large scale grows, but are impractical for smaller grow products. Integra Boost humidicant is a great, easy to use, disposable, 2-way humidity regulation product. Available in two levels of humidity and in multiple sizes. Check out our offerings for using humidity regulation tools to keep your precious product fresh.

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