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Drought Resistant Turfgrass Seed Blend with Microclover | DLF Seeds & Science | RMBA


Do you have an old, lifeless lawn? Do you need a low maintenance yard for your busy life? Try DLF Turf grass Blend with Microclover! Our turf grass blend is custom designed to thrive in our dry climate and hold up under extreme drought conditions. It also offers weed resistance, so you can reduce the time and money you spend on weed killers for your lawn.

Several years ago, we went looking for a turfgrass cover crop that would not deplete the soil when used in a no till situation. By working closely with DLF Seeds and Science, One of the best turfseed companies in Europe, we are proud to offer an RMBA exclusive turf blend optimized for our dry climate, and resistant to the drought conditions we are currently experiencing here in the American West. Additionally, RMBA Drought-Resistant Turfgrass Seed Blend includes Microclover. Clovers are nitrogen-fixing, which allows this turf blend to self fertilize, making it more resistant and resilient. For best results, Feed once a year with Perfect Blend 4-4-4 once a year, and apply Quantum Organic Total once a month to keep your soil microbe populations at healthy and productive levels.

  • A blend of Fescues and Microclover
  • Self Fertilizing
  • Drought-Resistant
  • No GMOs
  • Easy to apply

Note: FIESTA selective weed killer will kill the clover elements of this turf grass blend, so we do not recommend it. Give this mix time, and it should out compete most common lawn weeds.

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