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Reotemp soil wetness meter for use in garden, farm, lawn, and compost

Reotemp Moisture Meter 15 inch

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The REOTEMP Backyard Moisture Meter (MM15) is a must-have for any homeowner, gardener, or composter. Its sensor at the bottom of the probe accurately measures the moisture content of your soil or compost pile, allowing you to efficiently manage watering and composting. With a 0 to 10 scale, you can easily determine if your soil is too dry or too wet. Plus, the calibration instructions are conveniently printed on the side of the meter head for easy access. And with a 1-year limited warranty, you can trust in its quality.

Moisture Meter Guide PDF

  • Measure moisture with precision using the Reotemp Moisture Meter. Perfect for home composting, gardening, and educational programs. Simplify the process and get accurate readings every time.
  • The Reotemp Moisture Meter features a durable metal construction, making it a reliable tool for accurately measuring moisture levels. With its sturdy design, this meter is perfect for tough and rugged environments, ensuring long-lasting performance. Trust in its precision and quality for all your moisture testing needs.
  • This Reotemp Moisture Meter boasts a long 15 inch stem with a thick 5/16" diameter. This design allows for deeper soil penetration, giving you accurate and reliable moisture readings for your plants. Increase your gardening success with this durable and precise tool.
  • The Reotemp Moisture Meter 15 inch is the ultimate tool for accurately measuring moisture levels in your soil or compost. With its precise calibration feature and 0-10 wetness scale, you can easily determine optimal watering and fertilization schedules for maximum plant growth. Stay one step ahead of potential issues with this reliable and expert-approved moisture meter.
  • The Reotemp Moisture Meter, powered by one AAA battery (included), provides accurate and reliable readings. With this meter, you can easily monitor moisture levels to ensure optimal growing conditions for your plants. Stay informed with scientific precision and expert accuracy. 


The meter reads “wetness” by measuring electrical conductivity, which is sensitive to salt content. If the salt content of your compost varies between testing locations, it could result in inconsistent readings. The meter is intended to give you a good idea of whether or not the center of your pile is too dry or too wet without having to dig deep into the pile for a “squeeze test”.

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