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Universal 0-0-1 Freshwater Algae Extract Organic Fertilizer

Universal is the secret behind every Ferticell product. Ferticell is the organic Freshwater Algae fertilizer, without the salt. Ferticell Universal 0-0-1 is a highly concentrated solution of freshwater algae extract using only food grade unicellular algae and bacteria. Certified for organic use Ferticell utilizes a proprietary extraction process from these non-living organisms to promote high activity in native micro-flora populations. The proprietary process uses food sources such as carbon, and other plant beneficial materials. The plant beneficial materials present differ from synthetic products in that the ratios of nutrients and plant beneficial materials in a natural product are more balanced for consistent response.

Ferticell Universal is unlike kelp or seaweed products which contain salts and are not grown from a consistent parent culture. The freshwater algae parent culture eliminates any salts and inconsistencies experienced in kelp and seaweed products. The unique and proprietary process of culturing the organisms in freshwater is done to reduce the risk of salt burn when used in foliar applications. It also reduces the salt added to the soil from a fertility program. Ferticell is taken up by either the plants leaf stoma or through the root system. Once Universal 0-0-1 is in the plant cell structure, the nutrient rich algae cells attach themselves to individual plant cells. Once the algae attach to the individual plant cells nutrients are transferred from the algae cell to the plant cell in a balanced form. This process is better known as Inter-Cellular Exchange (I.C.E. Technology). Ferticell Universal’s algae cells which have not been utilized by the roots will remain in the soil and be used as a food source by soil microbes, greatly increasing the living component of the soil. The algae cells also break down minerals in the soil that are blocked or tied up for various reasons, while processing chemical forms of nutrients to usable forms so that they are assimilated into the plant more efficiently.


  • Provides faster and more efficient fertilizer assimilation through both foliar and soil applications
  • Increased root development by promoting more lateral and deeper roots
  • Lower salt content than seaweed or kelp products, reducing salt inputs and burn potential
  • Improved quality of fruit and vegetables through better absorption of nutrients
  • Increased flowering and decreased flower loss
  • Develops more homogeneous fruits and reduces fruit fall
  • Foliar and soil applications with any standard equipment
  • Increased yield production at economic rates
  • Balanced hormonal package for healthy growth curve
  • Provides energy for the plant to focus on physiological functions
  • Increased resistance to abiotic stress

Universal can be applied in a myriad of application methods. It may be used indoors/outdoor with all hydroponic, NFT, drip, aeroponic, irrigation and continuous liquid feeding systems. It is also able to be foliar sprayed.

Universal may be used with all soil and soilless media, including Coco Coir, and is compatible with all nutrient programs. Always check for pH and CF levels.

Shake well before using. Store in a cool, dry place. Do not store in direct sunlight.

Root Dip: Dilute in a 5% solution (1/2 gallon Ferticell Universal per 10 gallons of water). One week following the root dip application, apply 1/2 gallon per acre.

Container Application: 5-10 ml per 1-gallon of water

Soil Application: 1-6 quarts per acre

Foliar Application: 1-4 quarts per acre

*Rates may vary based on conditions and application

1 quart, 2.5 gallon, 2 x 2.5 gallon, 5 gallon, 80, 170 & 275 gallon tote sizes

Available for use in: AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, ID, MD, NE, NJ, NM, OR, SC, TX, WA

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