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Introducing RMBA – Soluble Humic and Fulvic Acid Powder. If you are a gardener, farmer, or lawn care professional who’s looking for an organic way to increase the uptake of nutrients in your plants and give them a boost in growth, then this is the product for you. Soluble Humic and Fulvic Acid Powder provides all the benefits and is certified OMRI Listed! The soluble powder quickly and easily dissolves in water to make a concentrated liquid solution containing up to 12% Humic Acid, so it can be easily applied when you mix it with liquid fertilizer or other inputs which are at or above a pH of 5.5. Not only will your plants thank you for it, but with each application of RMBA Soluble Humic And Fulvic Acid Powder you’ll be saving yourself money long-term as opposed to buying multiple products that add little benefit individually. So don’t wait any longer — get your hands on RMBA – Soluble Humic and Fulvic Acid Powder today!

Soluble Humic And Fulvic Acid Benefits
Improves soil structure naturally
Stimulates microbial growth
Stabilizes pH
Increases nutrient exchange and retention
Completely soluble above pH 7.0
Increases root penetration and stress tolerance
Improves nutrient absorption and seed germination

General Instructions
To formulate a 15% minimum liquid solution, dissolve 2 lbs./gallon of water.

Application Rates Turf & Landscape
6 oz./1000 sq. ft. of 15% liquid solution every month during the growing season.

Containers, Vegetables, Flowers
1-2 oz./gallon of water of 15% liquid solution. Water plants with mixture every 6-8 weeks of growing season. Avoid getting on leaves.

4 oz./gallon of water of 15% liquid solution. Root dip plant, wet soil with mixture after planting.

2-3 lbs. per acre as a foliar application, 2-3 times per growing season recommended for row crops and forages. Plants need to be just past the seedling stage - about 25% coverage of the ground before the first application. Second    application is usually just before flowering, or just before the onset of the           reproductive stage of the crop. The 3rd application would be early in the grain fill or fruit/vegetable sizing stage.

Mixing Directions
Add to water and agitated vigorously until FULLY dissolved. Alkaline soluble formulation completely soluble above pH 7.0. If pH is 5.5 or lower precipitation will occur.

Under dry conditions, powder product remains stable for several years.


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This has been the best pumice i have ever used!!! Besides the great customer service (*****)

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Rocky Mountain BioAg has the best customer service! Prompt delivery and product support. Thanks !

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I have a greenhouse that unfortunately does not get the ideal sunlight due to its location on the north side of my home. I have been using Rocky Mountain BioAg’s Quantum Growth Organic Total for over a year and have seen a dramatic increase in plant growth and vegetable yield compared to past years. Highly recommend the product.

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Excellent customer service, quick response, fast turnover and shipment of merchandise and product was exactly what was described on website and what I wanted. Great Company!

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