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Rocky Mountain BioAg Rain Science Grow Bags


Rocky Mountain BioAg and Rain Science co-branded the most technologically advanced grow bags available! After years of research and hundreds of trials utilizing all types of grow bags we are happy that we have found our partner! There is not a company that matches the quality, reliability or design of Rain Science guaranteed! 

These state-of-the-art grow bags eliminate many of the problems associated with container gardening and felt grow bags. Rocky Mountain BioAg / Rain Science grow bags grow bigger, healthier plants with less hassle in a fraction of the time!

With great air root pruning capabilities these grow bags create masses of fibrous feeder roots which maximize plant growth and production. By minimizing root circling of plants it allows for a plant to stay potted longer and thrive. The Rocky Mountain BioAg / Rain Science grow bags material is certified safe and is approved for organic gardening.  

  • Made with plastic coated Mesh, heavy duty & durable.
  • Unique Conical design makes transplanting a breeze and greatly reduces transplant stress.
  •  Colorful Binding holds it's shape "open" and helps attract pollinators.   
  • Provides aeration, enhancing root structure, resulting in a vigorous plant with more buds and fruits and increased insect and disease resistance.
  • Prevents circling roots and air-prunes the plant's root structure.
  • White material reflects 90% of light, Keeps roots cooler under hi-intensity grow lights.
  • Premium Binding will not break down under grow lights 
  • Super durable & reusable; Life Time Warranty
  • Resistant to algae, mold and mildew 

3 Gallon = 10" dia. x 10" ht. - 3.42 gal. - 0.45 cu. ft.

5 Gallon = 12"D x 10.5"H - 5.14 gal. - 0.69 cu. ft.

7 Gallon = 13" dia. x 12.5" ht. - 7.1 gal. - 0.96 cu. ft.

10 Gallon = 16" dia. x 12.5" ht. - 10.9 gal. - 1.45 cu. ft.

15 Gallon = 17.5" dia. x 15" ht. - 15.6 gal. - 2.08 cu. ft.
20 Gallon = 19" dia. x 16.5" ht. - 20.25 gal. - 2.7 cu. ft.

25 Gallon = 21" dia. x 17" ht. - 25.5 gal. - 3.4 cu. ft. 


How do they work?

The problems with fabric grow pots are mold build up and root rot from the fabric staying wet. Mold, mildew and algae can rob your plants of valuable nutrients and oxygen. The wet material does not allow air to pass through the root structure freely. Our special mesh allows for better drainage and oxygen to the roots. Rain Science grow bags provide More stable root zone temperatures, greatly improved drainage through the entire grow bag and extra oxygen to the soil because of improved air flow through the mesh. This air flow facilitates a process called air root pruning, where the plant produces a bunch of tiny feeder roots which are better at absorbing nutrients, this in turn leads to increased plant growth and yields.

Why not just use plastic pots?

When your roots grow, they will quickly reach the container walls. With old school plastic containers, these roots immediately start circling and continue to circle. If you look at the root structure from a plant in a plastic pot you find a few large roots growing in circles with very little side branching. The roots will soon bind upon themselves, restricting nutrient uptake and eventually lead to root bound plants and death.

Why are Rocky Mountain BioAg / Rain Science grow bags better than plastic containers?

Rocky Mountain BioAg / Rain Science grow bags aerate your root zone and plastic containers do not. Root Aeration stops root circling by air pruning, helping your plant build a stronger root structure. Better roots means higher resistance to pests and disease, and a faster growing healthier plant with larger yields. Old school plant pots also hold a lot of heat potentially damaging the microbes in your soil. Rain Science grow bags actually dissipate heat keeping your roots at an optimal temperature and your soil life (microbes) happy and healthy!

Are Rocky Mountain BioAg / Rain Science grow bags good for organic gardening?

Yes, Rain Science grow bags meet the requirements of the CA Department of Public Health “standard method for the testing and evaluation of volatile organic chemical emissions. Our grow bags leach nothing to the soil and exchange nothing with the environment. If the rest of your grow is organic you can feel confident using Rocky Mountain BioAg / Rain Science grow bags. 

What is air pruning?

Air pruning is a natural process that happens as plant roots come in contact with fresh air near the walls of the grow bag, the root tip stops growing, essentially pruning itself, this causes the rest of the root to branch off with many tiny feeder roots, instead of a few circling roots. These new roots will continue to colonize the bag, allowing the plant to maximize uptake of both water and nutrients.  

Are Rocky Mountain BioAg / Rain Science grow bags Reusable? How do I clean them?

Yes, Rocky Mountain BioAg / Rain Science grow bags can be reused over and over again. You can wash them with dish soap and warm water. If you need to sterilize your bags they can be soaked in a solution of H2o2 (Peroxide) and water. They are also washing machine safe, so feel free to throw them in with the laundry.

Do I need to use a special potting mix?

You can use any potting mix with Rocky Mountain BioAg / Rain Science grow bags. We recommend utilizing Big Rootz by The Soil King to maximize growth and production of any planting! Big Rootz is "Designed by Growers for Growers"! We proudly work closely with Patrick King and know every input in Big Rootz is sourced with the end user in mind. We have also ran extensive tests utilizing Rocky Mountain BioAg / Rain Science grow bags and Big Rootz with phenomenal results!

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