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Quantum Growth Light Quantum Organic Light


Quantum Growth Organic Light beneficial microbes is a naturally fermented live microbial product including photosynthetic strains designed especially for the treatment and growth enhancement of all types of plants, fruits, vegetables, turf, trees, shrubs, ornamentals and flowers. Regular use restores nature & microbes to the soil allowing plants to absorb the nutrients needed to reach its full growth potential. The results are evident in the form of more bountiful blooms, larger and more plentiful fruit and vegetables, well-established root systems, thicker stalks and even greener leaves. This product is being used on thousands of acres of agriculture land, golf courses, and gardens. Quantum Growth Organic Light can be combined with normal feeding regimens for all plants including high cbd hemp.


  • Maximizes plant photosynthesis and increases additional reserve energy from nutrients, carbon, and light.
  • Living microbial inoculant naturally fermented including photosynthetic strains which enhance growth in all plants. Increased yields and healthier growth using this natural supplement.
  • Helps all plants recover from damage by disease, environmental stress and drought.
  • Get better fruit and vegetables while requiring less fertilizer and chemical additives.

Quantum Growth Organic LIGHT may be used indoors and outdoors on ALL plants, trees, shrubs, turf, landscape and houseplants. May also be used in all hydroponic, NFT, drip, aeroponic, irrigation, and continuous liquid feeding systems.

Quantum Growth Organic Light may be used with all soil and soilless media including Coco Coir, and is compatible with all nutrient programs - Always check pH and CF levels when using.

For best results, use Quantum Growth Organic Light and Quantum Growth VSC in equal amounts (i.e. 1 ounce of Quantum Growth Organic Light and 1 ounce Quantum Growth VSC per gallon of water)

Shake well before using. Store in a cool dry place. Do not store in direct sunlight.

Use sufficient volume of water to achieve desired coverage. The amount of Quantum Growth per unit of application area is important, not the concentration of the solution. Use only dechlorinated water. Standard dechlorination treatments such as Microbe-Lift Super Dechlorinator Plus may be used.

This product can be applied with a watering can, hose-end sprayer, boom sprayer or injected into an irrigation system. Treated area may be re-entered immediately.

Initial dose, add 2 oz (60mL) per 5 gal. (19L) of water. Thereafter add 1 oz (30mL) weekly per 5 gal. (19L) of water.

Apply at a rate of 3 oz per 1,000 sq. ft. (95mL per 100 sq. m) for initial treatment, and 1.5 oz per 1,000 sq. ft. (48mL per 100 sq. m) for subsequent treatments. Apply every 21 days for crops and 90 days for turf.

1 gallon per surface acre (3.8L per 4,047 sq. m) treated. 1/2 gallon for subsequent treatments.

Dilute 1% Quantum Growth Organic Light (i.e. 1.25 oz per gallon or 20mL per L of dechlorinated water) and 1% Quantum Growth VSC
(i.e. 1.25 oz per gallon or 20mL per L of dechlorinated water) and soak seeds, clone cuttings and rooting substrate or dip root ball before replanting.

Shake bottle well/agitate before use. Re-cap as soon as possible. Store unused product in original container with bottle tightly sealed. Store out of direct sunlight between 32°F / 0°C and 110°F / 43°C. Shelf stable for 3 years unopened and 1 year after opening.

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