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Perfect Blend Organic 2-2-1 Calcium 15% Fertilizer


Perfect Blend Organic Calcium 2-2-1 fertilizer is made in the USA using a proprietary process which creates a complex nutrition enabling calcium rich 15% fertilizer. The proprietary process creates a high quality nutrition, feeding soil microbes and plants simultaneously! Before the fertilizer is formulated the ingredients go through a three step purification process that guarantees NO pathogens, weed seeds, insect eggs or insect casements in the final product. Perfect Blend Organic Calcium Fertilizer is a homogenous granular blend that is a pH-Balanced formulation (6.0 - 6.1) promoting rapid soil microbe growth and maintains a balance pH in soil.


Nitrogen 2.00%

  • 0.14% Ammoniacal, 1.63% Water Soluble Nitrogen, 0.23% Water Insoluble Nitrogen

Available Phosphate 2.00%
Soluble Potash 1.00%
Calcium 15.00%
Magnesium .60%

  • Water Soluble Magnesium 0.60% 

Sulfur 1.50%

Derived From:
Chicken Manure, Gypsum

  • Made in the USA using a proprietary process
  • Complex Nutrition Enabling Fertilizer (CNEF™) technology provides high quality nutrition for soil microbes and plants simultaneously
  • Three step process guarantees NO pathogens, weed seeds, insect eggs, insect casements
  • High calcium formula great for calcium deficient soils

Bulk Applications:
Apply 330 lbs. of fertilizer for each 50 lbs. of calcium required.  Apply 660 lbs. of fertilizer for each 100 lbs. of calcium required. Apply 1,320 lbs. of fertilizer for each 200 lbs. of calcium required. Fertilizer is most efficient if incorporated into soil immediately after application 2” – 4”.

Established Turf Grass:
Apply as a top dressing for fairways, rough, lawns, greens, landscapes, or on any established grass. Apply 25 lbs. to 50 lbs. per 1,000 square feet for application of 0.5 lb. to 1 lb. of actual nitrogen per 1,000 square feet. The maximum value of these fertilizers is obtained when applied during aeration.

Starter or Grow-Ins:
Apply 50 lbs. of fertilizer per 1,000 sq. ft. for 1 lbs. of nitrogen. Till or rake into the top 2” – 4” after surface spreading.

• 1 Cup = 1/2 Pound – 3 Cups = 1.5 Pound • Approximate Calculations

Ornamentals and Raised Beds:
Apply 2 lb. (Approximately 5 cups) per 25 sq. ft. Work into the soil 2” – 4” prior to placing flowers or ornamentals. Repeat application when buds bloom and in the late fall before frost.

Up to Two Gallon 2 cup, Five Gallon 4 cups, Fifteen Gallon 8 cups, 24" Root Ball 5 pounds, 36" Root Ball 19 pounds, 48” Root Ball 24 pounds.

Base Potting Soil:
Mix 1 - 6 cups per cubic foot base potting soil.

2 Tablespoon per inch of pot size. Apply as often as necessary.

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