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Microbe Life Organic Photo Plus | Microbe Life Hydroponics | RMBA

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Microbe Life Hydroponics brings us another great product for natural hydroponic production: Organic Photo Plus! Photosynthesis Plus is one of the best biological inoculants for hydroponic growing, Organic Photo Plus is now available as a listed organic formulation for certified organic crops! Listed by OMRI, a CCOF business partner.

Microbe Life Hydroponics Organic Photo Plus enhances biological function at the foliar and root substrate levels, transporting artificial light energy / sun's energy and speeding carbon, mineral and nutrient transfer to plants at much improved rates! The consortium of cultures contained in Microbe Life Hydroponics Organic Photo Plus is made up of select photosynthetic bacterial strains and Bacillus strains, fermented together over six days, resulting in a complete ecosystem in the bottle. Ecological Laboratories, Inc. is the only worldwide manufacturer of a photosynthetic bacterial ecosystem that is shelf-stable for two years. Microbe Life Hydroponics Organic Photo Plus is grown in the bottle you will receive and must remain in this ecosystem throughout its shelf life (two year shelf life unopened, one year shelf life after opening). Microbe Life Hydroponics Organic Photo Plus has a strong hydrogen sulfide odor which will flash off after opening "if it doesn't smell like Microbe Life, it doesn't work like Microbe Life."

  • OMRI Listed, CCOF Business Partner - Use in addition to any listed fertilizers to maximize yields of Certified Organic crops!
  • Promotes biological functions at both the plant's foliar & root substrate levels
  • Enhances photosynthesis using CO2 to improve plant efficiency
  • Contains ecto & endomycorrhizal fungi
  • Utilizes the sun's energy & transports minerals & carbon to the plant at much improved rates
  • Use Indoor or Outdoor in all growing media!
  • Can be applies as a foliar spray, root drench, or in any fertigation system. Works great with NFT drip, aeroponics, and in both deep and shallow well hydroponic systems!
  • Organic Photo Plus is available to ship to all 50 states and Canada!
  • Free shipping!


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