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Microelements 1-0-0 Organic Fertilizer


Ferticell Microelements 1-0-0 is a natural liquid blend of micronutrients, freshwater algae extract, nitrogen and plant extracted amino acids which are derived from soy beans Ferticell Microelements is a natural liquid micronutrient blend of the highest quality chelated micronutrients. Microelements 1-0-0 helps to boost the synthesis of enzymes, the process of photosynthesis, and the absorption of water. By using Ferticell Microelements throughout the crop cycle many nutrient deficiencies in the plant and soil can be avoided before they become a problem. Many micronutrient blends on the market today are not readily available to the plant. Ferticell Micronutrients 1-0-0 is readily available upon application which allows quick deficiency corrections and the ability to stay ahead of potential shortfalls. Micronutrients are the elements responsible for the regulatory activity of cell actions. They are found in lower concentrations and absorbed by plant tissues for balanced nutritional supplies. The secret behind Ferticell technology is freshwater algae which promotes biological activity and ensures the maximum uptake and assimilation of nutrients by acting as a delivery system directly to the plant cells. Microelements 1-0-0 is certified for organic use.


  • Increase in chlorophyll content and enzymatic functions
  • Aids the photosynthetic pathways resulting in better growth
  • Increases the number of fruit and decreases fruit drop
  • Improves rate of water absorption
  • Helps to withstand stress conditions such as drought
  • Promotes better crop quality and higher yields
  • Micronutrients complexed with plant extracted amino acids
  • Micronutrients are immediately available to the plant
  • Algae extract component promotes biological activity 

Microelements can be applied in a myriad of application methods. It may be used indoors/outdoor with all hydroponic, NFT, drip, aeroponic, irrigation and continuous liquid feeding systems. It is also able to be foliar sprayed.

Microelements may be used with all soil and soilless media, including Coco Coir, and is compatible with all nutrient programs. Always check for pH and CF levels.

Shake well before using. Store in a cool, dry place. Do not store in direct sunlight.

Container Application: 5-10 ml per 1-gallon of water

Soil Application: 1-2 quarts per acre

Foliar Application: 1-2 quarts per acre

*Rates may vary based on conditions and application

1 quart, 2.5 gallon, 2 x 2.5 gallon, 5 gallon, 80, 170 & 275 gallon tote sizes

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