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Utilizing a smart phone camera and the exclusive app, The microBIOMETER® accurately measures the biomass of microbes less than 100 μm in size. This tool is effective when used with soil, compost, compost teas, and microbial inoculants. The results measure not only total microbial populations, but also the fungi to bacteria ratio that can be a leading indicator of soil food web health. Results are read in the palm of your hand on any iPhone or Android device. Soil test data is stored and made available on the cloud for access across all of your devices.

With a microBIOMETER® in hand, any grower can capture the data needed to scientifically monitor soil health and correlate microbial biomass with increasing soil fertility and production outcomes! Please join us in revolutionizing how growers manage soils and scientifically measure the microbial parameters that ensure growing success!

How to use a microBIOMETER®

More about the Soil Food Web


  • Only rapid microbial biomass test available
  • Measures microbial populations, and bacteria to fungi ratio
  • Fast, easy, and affordable
  • Track your soil fertility
  • Improve your results

microBIOMETER® 10 Test Starter Kit Includes:

  • 10 extraction vials
  • 1 10-sample test card for analyzing soil samples with the app
  • 1 whisker, 2 AA batteries, 2 mixing heads
  • 1 magnet for iron rich soil samples
  • 1 soil sifter
  • 1 soil sampler
  • 1 capped measurer
  • 10 disposable pipettes
  • 10 packets of extraction powder

Download the microBIOMETER® app from the App store-Apple, or Google Play-Android

microBIOMETER®  10 Test Refill Kit Includes:

  • 10 extraction vials
  • 10 packets of extraction powder
  • 1 10-sample test card
  • 10 disposable pipettes
  • 1 soil sample plunger

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