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Manna - (in the Bible) the substance miraculously supplied as food to the Israelites in the wilderness (Exodus 16).

Microbe Manna Flora is a proprietary liquid blend of soil and plant flora developed from years of soil health research. The proprietary liquid blend is specially formulated to provide soil and plants the needed flora leading to unsurpassed soil fertility and plant health. Microbe Manna Flora supplies the proper soil flora, building the entire soil food web properly starting from the base or 1st trophic level upward until you have a thriving living biological organic soil or soilless media.

Works best when used in conjunction with Microbe Manna LiquidMicrobe Manna Dry.

Microorganisms, probiotics or soil flora is the source of all-natural soil fertility, these unseen giants are the most important part of any growing system! If you want your plants to perform like athletes take the time to build your soil biology properly with Microbe Manna Flora soil and plant flora.

Using Microbe Manna Flora soil flora in conjunction with Microbe Manna Liquid & Microbe Manna Dry prebiotics you are able to rapidly increase soil fertility and plant health.   

  • Rapid microbial proliferation
  • Increase soil & plant flora naturally
  • Use in all types of soils and soilless media
  • Rapidly builds and maintains the soil food web
  • Use in conjunction with all feeding regimens  


Mix with dechlorinated water and thoroughly water plants until runoff make sure to evenly apply to growing media. If using Microbe Manna Liquid and/or Microbe Manna Dry apply Microbe Manna Dry formulation first then Microbe Manna Liquid second. Then water plants thoroughly with Microbe Manna Flora.

Application Rate
2 - 4 Ounces per gallon of dechlorinated water. Apply every 14-21 days.

Soil Building / Re-Amending
Mix 1 - 3 Cups (.33 – 1 Pound) per cubic foot of  Microbe Manna Dry and water soil with 1 Ounce per gallon of Microbe Manna Liquid. Then apply 4 Ounces of Microbe Manna Flora per gallon of dechlorinated water and thoroughly water soil. 

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