Microbe Manna Flora Lawn and Landscape Soil Nutrition
Microbe Manna Flora Lawn and Landscape Soil Nutrition Blend Directions

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Manna - (in the Bible) the substance miraculously supplied as food to the Israelites in the wilderness (Exodus 16).

Microbe Manna™ Flora Lawn and Landscape is a proprietary liquid blend of soil and plant flora developed from years of soil health research. The proprietary liquid lawn and landscape blend is specially formulated to provide soil and plants the needed flora leading to unsurpassed soil fertility and plant health. Microbe Manna™ Flora supplies the proper soil flora, building the entire soil food web properly starting from the base or 1st trophic level upward until you have a thriving, living biological organic soil.

Works best when used in conjunction with Microbe Manna™ Dry Lawn and Landscape and Microbe Manna™ Liquid Lawn and Landscape. If you have sandy soil or soils that require increased water and nutrition holding capacity add Microbe Manna™ Hydrate Lawn and Landscape.

Microorganisms, probiotics or soil flora is the source of all-natural soil fertility, these unseen giants are the most important part of any growing system! If you want your plants to perform like athletes take the time to build your soil biology properly with Microbe Manna™ Flora Lawn and Landscape soil and plant flora.

Using Microbe Manna™ Flora Lawn and Landscape soil flora in conjunction with Microbe Manna™ Dry Lawn and LandscapeMicrobe Manna™ Liquid Lawn and Landscape prebiotics you are able to rapidly increase soil fertility and plant health.

Product Benefits   

  • Rapid microbial proliferation
  • Increase lawn and landscape soil & plant flora naturally
  • Use in all types of soils
  • Rapidly builds and maintains the soil food web in lawns and landscapes
  • Use in conjunction with all fertilizer programs

Application Instructions And Rates

Use dechlorinated water and make sure to evenly apply to area. If using Microbe Manna™ Dry Lawn and Landscape, Microbe Manna™ Hydrate Lawn and Landscape and/or Microbe Manna™ Liquid Lawn and Landscape, apply dry formulations first, Microbe Manna™ Liquid Lawn and Landscape second. Then water plants thoroughly with Microbe Manna™ Flora Lawn and Landscape. 

Lawn / Turf Care
Using a hose end sprayer or compression sprayer apply initial application - 4-8 Ounces per 1,000 sq. ft. (early spring), maintenance application 1 - 4-8 Ounces per 1,000 sq. ft. (mid-summer), maintenance application 2 - 4-8 Ounces per 1,000 sq. ft. (late fall). Make sure all applications are made with enough dechlorinated water to evenly cover the area. Best if applied 3 times per year (early-spring, mid-summer, late-fall).

If soils have been subject to commercial fertilization or synthetic inputs use the 8 Ounces per 1,000 sq. ft. application rate for all applications for 2 years. Then begin standard application rates in year 3. 

Using a hose end sprayer, compression sprayer or a watering can evenly apply 4-8 Ounces per 1,000 sq. ft. thoroughly wetting the areas. For trees, bushes and shrubs foliar spray until all foliage is thoroughly saturated. Best results are achieved when applied as a foliar spray and drench.

For drench applications use 4-8 Ounces per gallon of dechlorinated water and thoroughly drench soil at base of plant. For drench application on trees use 4-8 ounces per inch of trunk diameter and mix with enough dechlorinated water to spread from trunk of tree to drip line evenly. Best if applied 3 times per year (early-spring, mid-summer, late-fall).

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