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Microbe Lift Chicken Coop Cleaner and Deodorizer to clean chicken mess with Biological...Beyond Organic® methods | RMBA

Chicken Coop Cleaner and Deodorizer | Microbe-Lift | RMBA

$59.95 $64.95

Chicken manure is naturally high in nitrogen, as it decomposes, high concentrations of ammonia can form leading to unsafe conditions for the chickens, and unpleasant odor. Natural Backyard Chicken Coop Cleaner and Deodorizer from Microbe-Lift utilizes beneficial bacteria to convert ammonia into harmless, useful forms of nitrogen. This improves bird's health, and reduces the smell. This product is a must for backyard farmers who use chickens for fertilizer when applying Biological...Beyond Organic growing practices!

Eliminates ammonia odors from chicken manure
Improves coop conditions
Promotes a healthier flock
Accelerates breakdown of litter & waste
Increases nutrient value for compost
Effective on all types of chicken waste
Convenient to apply by simply spraying directly on all surfaces & litter
Utilizes natural microbes & proprietary odor neutralizers to maintain a cleaner, healthier environment in coops & yards
Safe for users, poultry & the environment
Product is readily biodegradable
Available in 1 gallon bottles

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