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Humic Acid Granules | RMBA

Humic Acids are large organic molecules that result from the long-term decomposition of plant matter within soils. RMBA Humic Acid Granules for plants are a blend of humic compounds sourced from ancient plant deposits in New Mexico. They include both insoluble humates and soluble humic and fulvic compounds. The resulting product is a high quality natural soil conditioner that increases water storage capacity, cation exchange rates, and improves overall soil structure.

  • Humin, Humic acids, and fulvic acids for use in soils and plants in agriculture and horticulture
  • Improves many key soil attributes such as: Soil carbon levels, soil clumping, friability (softness of the soil), water holding capacity, cation exchange rates, and other factors of healthy soils.
  • Improves Germination rate of seeds
  • Increases root growth
  • Aids in plant uptake of nutrients
  • Supports the micro and microorganisms of a healthy soil food web
  • Acts as a neutral buffer to condition both acidic and alkali soils


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