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Active 2-20-2 Organic Fertilizer | RMBA


Active 2-20-2 is a phosphorous heavy organic fertilizer. It is ideal for helping your plants build strong roots, leading to big blooms and large yields.

Ferticell's Active Line of N-P-K fertilizers are plant derived formulas specifically balanced for the different needs of plants, or a plant's needs at different stages of growth and fruit production.
Active 2-20-2 is a Phosphorous dominant fertilizer that provides the large amounts of phosphorous that plants use to make strong, healthy roots. Phosphorous is the second most needed nutrient for plants, and is integral to production of ATP (the source plants use for energy).

  • Stimulates Root Development
  • Increases Stalk and Stem Length
  • Improves Flower Formation
  • Uniform Mature Crops
  • Improved Crop Quality
  • Plant Available Formulations
  • Plant Derived Ingredients

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