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Arctic ECO Green Icemelter | RMBA

Arctic ECO Green® Icemelter is a powerful all natural deicer that is gentle on the environment, the surfaces it is applied to and harmless around children and pets. This is the best ice melt offered at RMBA, effective to -20°F!
Arctic ECO Green® is manufactured using the latest encapsulating technology, combined with an anti-corrosive formula, including CMA (Calcium Magnesium Acetate). The encapsulating technology make this eco ice melt a better alternative to pure CMA ice melter. Coated with an environmentally friendly green color to prevent over application.
When used as directed, Arctic ECO Green Icemelter:
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Begins to work immediately
  • Arctic ice melt, works to -20°F and below
  • CMA ice melt
  • Pet Friendly Ice melt
  • Concrete safe ice melt
  • Safe for lawns and plants
  • Green color makes proper application easy
  • No specific handling precautions
  • Available in 22 lb, or 44lb quantities
  • Call RMBA at 877.874.2334 for pricing on full pallet quantities

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