Antixx Liquid Ant Bait in 1 Gallon Bottle
32oz Bottle of Antixx Liquid Ant Bait
Disposable Pipette and Bait Stations for Use with Antixx Liquid Ant Bait
3 ml disposable pipette to apply Antixx Liquid Ant Bait
Bait Station for Use with Antixx Liquid Ant Bait
Antixx Liquid Ant Bait Killer Information Sheet
Antixx Liquid Ant Bait vs Terro Boric Acid for Ant Killer
Graph of Antixx Liquid Ant Bait vs Green Light, Amdro, and Untreated

ANTIXX Liquid Ant Bait

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Nothing is worse than being outdoors in the summer enjoying your time when, suddenly, your picnic or playtime is overrun by ants. Introducing ANTIXX Liquid Ant Bait from Rocky Mountain BioAg® – your effective, all-natural solution for eliminating ant colonies with precision. This liquid ant bait is strategically formulated to attract and eradicate ants, making it a powerful tool for pest control. The bait’s advanced formula targets various ant species, ensuring a comprehensive approach to pest management.

This natural ant killer is convenient and easy to dilute and apply, making it ideal for anyone from farmers to backyard garden growers. Unlike some other traditional methods of insect killer, this brand is designed to be attractive to a wide range of ant species, ensuring a more thorough elimination.

It’s never too early to take control of ant infestations. To experience the true satisfaction of a home and yard free from ant-related nuisances, trust ANTIXX Liquid Ant Bait for complete and total pest control.


  • Active ingredient Spinosad, a natural microorganism
  • Targets the entire colony, including the queen
  • For residential and commercial use
  • Remains effective for up to four weeks
  • Kills colony within fourteen days

Suggested Uses

  • Turf areas such as lawns, athletic field and recreational areas, commercial turf, sod, golf courses and grass buffers around gardens, crop areas and ornamentals.
  • Herbaceous and Woody plants.
  • Outdoor container-grown nursery plants.
  • Conifers, including Christmas Trees, and deciduous trees.
  • Pastures, rangeland, forests, parks, playgrounds, cemeteries, picnic areas, roadsides, campgrounds, industrial sites, fallow land, barrier strips and buffer zones.

    Application Instructions

    Set empty bait station beside ant mounds and nests, ant trails, or where ants crawl before filling with ANTIXX Liquid Ant Bait. Utilize the pipette (ONE INCLUDED) follow the filling instructions for the bait station (ONE INCLUDED). 

    Insects Controlled

    Foraging fire ants, foraging carpenter ants, sweet-feeding listed ants, pavement ants, moisture ants, little black ants, Argentine ants, crazy ants, acrobat ants, bigheaded ants, cornfield ants, ghost ants, odorous house ants, thief ants, Texas leafcutting ants, and field ants


    Harvester Ants
    Pharaoh ants

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    This has been the best pumice i have ever used!!! Besides the great customer service (*****)

    Ricardo S

    McAllen, TX


    Rocky Mountain BioAg has the best customer service! Prompt delivery and product support. Thanks !

    Joe B

    South Kingstown, RI


    I have a greenhouse that unfortunately does not get the ideal sunlight due to its location on the north side of my home. I have been using Rocky Mountain BioAg’s Quantum Growth Organic Total for over a year and have seen a dramatic increase in plant growth and vegetable yield compared to past years. Highly recommend the product.

    Jack C

    Sarasota, FL


    Excellent customer service, quick response, fast turnover and shipment of merchandise and product was exactly what was described on website and what I wanted. Great Company!

    Jessica S

    Harrisonburg, VA