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ANTIXX Fire Ant Bait

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Are pesky fire or harvester ants invading your yard and wreaking havoc? If you’re looking for an easy solution that is highly effective, look no further than ANTIXX Fire Ant Bait. This research-driven product is the perfect bait needed to infiltrate and kill dangerous and irritating fire ant mounds. This method provides fast results, allowing you to put your focus back on your yard and garden in no time. The main active ingredient in this bait is organic Spinosad, which is highly palatable to ants while also being deadly.

This all-natural ant killer works by encouraging the ants to eat it themselves but also carry it back to their mounds and queens. This strategy allows the product to start working on the ant population from the inside out, usually clearing the full colony within three to fourteen days. 

With proper application, this product can be safe for recreation areas, playgrounds, fields, and even your yard. Get rid of fiery pests today with ANTIXX Fire Ant Bait.


  • Easy to measure and apply
  • Convenient liquid formula
  • Available for subscription
  • Kills the queen and entire colony
  • Works within fourteen days

Suggested Uses

  • Home greenhouses.
  • Lawns and other turfgrass areas.
  • Non-crop areas such as roadsides, rights of way, industrial areas, campgrounds, parks, recreational areas, and rough turfgrass areas, farmsteads, corrals and around animal housing facilities.
  • Recreation areas, including golf courses, parks, playgrounds and playing fields.
  • Most home gardens (see label for a complete list of safe vegetables).


  • Do not allow livestock or domestic animals to consume the bait.
  • Do not allow unprotected workers or other persons or pets in treated area during application.
  • Do not apply to hardscapes.
  • Do not ship or store with food, feeds, drugs or clothing.
  • This product may not be used in agricultural production covered by the Worker Protection Standard (40CFR Part 170).

Application Instructions

Mound Application - Evenly distribute the bait over the mound and extend out to about two feet surrounding the mound. Do not disturb the mound before, during, or after treatment. Avoid mowing or tilling before and after application so the ants do not relocate from the mound.

  • Mounds less than 15" in diameter use 4 tablespoons
  • Mounds greater than 15" in diameter use 4 to 6 tablespoons

Rain occurring within 6 hours of application may disrupt ant foraging and requires reapplication.

Broadcast Application - Distribute as evenly as possible over the infested area with a calibrated rotary-type hand-held, PTO, electric or ground driven spreader. Broadcast applications will control established mounds and new colonies that are just becoming established. Applications every two months during the warm part of the year when the ants are active will help keep invading queens from establishing new colonies.

  • 1/3 to 2/3 Cups per 1,000 square feet
  • 3 to 6 Cups per 10,000 square feet
  • 2.5 to 5 Pounds per acre

Rain occurring within 12 hours of application may disrupt ant foraging and requires reapplication.

Insects Controlled


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