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Active 10-3-10 Organic Fertilizer | RMBA

Ferticell's Active Line of N-P-K fertilizers are plant derived formulas specifically balanced for the different needs of plants, or a plant's needs at different stages of growth and fruit production. Active 10-3-10 is a Nitrogen/Potassium (N-K) fertilizer. Necessary for all stages of plant growth especially for sugar production and setting of fruit. The Active N-P-K line of fertilizers is 100% derived from non-GMO, organic, plant sources. Since there are no animal byproducts, or animal waste derivatives, Active fertilizers do not have the same safety and contamination issues as animal derived inputs.
  • Supports fruit sizing and increased sugar formation
  • Plant Available Formulations
  • Plant Derived Ingredients
  • No animal byproducts

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