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Pumice is a porous volcanic stone. In agriculture, it aids in drainage, aeration, and overall soil structure. It will not shrink, compact, decompose, or rot. Since it is an unaltered natural mineral, it is acceptable as an organic input.

The Physical structure of soil is an important aspect of healthy plant development. Poor soil structure limits root growth by limiting air and water access to the roots. Pumice is a naturally occurring mineral that is added to manufactured soils to aid in drainage and aeration, preventing soil compaction. Well structured soils hold moisture at healthy levels, which makes conditions ideal, not only for optimal root growth, but also for a healthy microorganism community. Pumice drains water very effectively. It is neutrally buoyant so it will not float to the top. Pumice is a perfect media for growing succulents, or as a substrate for hydroponics systems.

We at RMBA pride ourselves on cleaning and processing the pumice we sell. Come see why RMBA pumice is the cleanest, highest quality on the market.

  • Size: 3/8" - 1/4" -
  • All natural, mined mineral input
  • Aids is soil drainage
  • Aids is soil aeration
  • Lightens soil
  • Allows air and water to reach the roots
  • Helps create ideal conditions for sol microorganisms
  • Screened, clean of contaminants

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