Pet and Eco Friendly Ice Melts

    Our eco-friendly ice melts are the perfect way to protect your lawn while melting ice and snow in the winter months. The unique, non-corrosive ice melt formulas use special acetate and sodium formate formulations to make our ice melts safer and more effective than common rock salt. These ice melts are the safest you can buy for the environment, your lawn, and most importantly, your pets and children.

    Ice and snow covering your walkways can be a safety hazard and detrimental to your lawn. This collection of ice melts works to maintain a safe environment for your metal ornamentation. You can say goodbye to dangerous ice patches and harsh chemicals that damage your concrete. Our collection includes Arctic Eco Green formulation so you can find winter solutions that respect your property and keep your family safe.

    Our environmentally friendly ice melt products are:
    • Fast-acting
    • All-natural
    • Anti-corrosive
    • Available in 10 lb., 22 lb. and 44 lb. quantities

    Some of our ice melts are dyed a bright green color to prevent overspreading without staining the walkway or road surface. The green color also signals to your friends and family that you care about their safety while you preserve your property. Our special mixtures won’t freeze in low temperatures, so let them work overtime to keep your driveways, sidewalks, and other areas clear of ice and snow.
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