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Liquid Fulvic Acid for Plants | RMBA


Boosts plant growth, works on any plant at all stages of growth!

Fulvic acid refers to a host of organic acids that are water soluble in water at any ph. Made of common organic compounds, Fulvic acids provide important building blocks for plants and animals that are costly to produce. Fulvic acids are exceptionally capable of chelating metal ions, thus making them bio-available. Because there are no N-P-K nutrients, Fulvic acids will not cause nutrient burn on sensitive crops. When used in a foliar application, Fulvic acids help plants make the most of the nutrients they are getting from the soil food web. Research suggests that Fulvic acids can mimic plant hormones: stimulating growth and the production of fruits and sugars. RMBA sources Fulvic acids for plants from a deposit of ancient plant material in northern New Mexico.

  • Derived from 100% Natural deposits
  • Minimally processed
  • Easy to use liquid
  • Chelates minerals
  • Stimulates Growth
  • Perfect for foliar application


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