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ThermX-70 Yucca Extract | RMBA

ThermX 70 is a OMRI listed natural wetting agent derived from yucca. It contains 100% concentrated yucca extract, 20% Saponins and 80% other water soluble substances from Yucca. This extract helps plants overcome adverse water conditions and is a great spreader and sticker for other sprays. Use ThermX-70 to increase your crop's ability to germinate and establish in stressed conditions, as well as increase its water and fertilizer uptake. Therm X-70 is liquid and smells very sweet, The brix level is 70.
  • Protects crops against heat and water stress, soil compaction, poor water penetration, salinity and alkali.
  • Increases water penetration, fertilizer uptake, permeability of heavy clay soil with salt and alkali problems, drainage reducing salinity, water intake, root growth
  • Contains saponin, a natural wetting agent that reduces surface tension
  • This action enhances better: water penetration into the soil, subbing of beds, drainage of excess water from the root zone
  • Action on Plants and Trees: Improved seed germination and stand establishment Increased water uptake Improved fertilizer uptake

Growing conditions are never perfect. Crops are subject to many kinds of stress conditions that limit production and quality. Therm -70X helps plants overcome these stresses. What is ThermX-70? ThermX is a concentrated plant extract meal containing steroid saponin. This natural compound is found in certain desert plants like Yucca. Steroid saponin helps these plants overcome the adverse growing conditions of the desert. When placed in the root zone, Therm X-70 helps crop plants, trees and turf in much the same manner.

Use At 2-3 ml Per Gallon of Clean Water.
Use at 2-3 ml Per Gallon Use when building new soil to properly moisten the peat. Use when soil is not taking water fast enough and is acting hydrophobic Use in any Foliar Spray for increase wetting action.

Use one pint (16 oz.) per acre.
For saline, alkali, and water penetration problems, use 1 quart (32oz.) per acre, first application.
Mix with starter or side dress fertilizer. Can also be metered into first irrigation water.
Dilute in sufficient water for coverage and spray soil surface to be irrigated or meter into first irrigation water.
Use eight fluid ounces (8 oz.) per 100 gallons of water to reduce surface tension and improve wetting in agricultural sprays.
Mix with transplant water to apply one pint (16 oz.) per acre.

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