Why Organic Weed Killer is the Right Choice for Your Garden

The summer offers endless opportunities for fun – trips to the lake or beach, baseball games, and the ever-relaxing gardening. Gardening is a favorite, as you can personally grow and pick your favorite fruits, flowers, and veggies, nurture them throughout the season, and watch them thrive. Growing your own fruits, vegetables, and even flowers is gratifying, and you can celebrate your hard work by enjoying fresh, healthy food straight from the garden. 

Figuring out how to nurture plants and learning to garden is a process. Between seed varieties, seasonal planting, watering schedules, fertilizer options, and finding the best weed killers, keeping your own plot can seem complicated, but don’t worry! At Rocky Mountain BioAg ®, we pride ourselves on providing the very best products and education to keep your garden thriving all summer long (and throughout the year, too). 

Why are Weeds Bad for Gardens? 

Gardener Removes Weeds from Garden

Simply put, weeds take up space and resources, compromising the health of your garden. Many weeds appear harmless at first and may even be pretty, but you’ll find that ignoring weeds can quickly lead to the demise of your precious fruits and veggies. Weeds grow remarkably fast, so it’s always better to be on the lookout to use the best weed killer and even use preventatives to keep your garden safe. 

Besides taking up valuable room and nutrients, weeds can introduce and attract other harmful organisms to your garden, further damaging your crops. For example, many weeds can house pests like aphids. Aphids are a type of insect that can deplete good nutrients while contributing to mold or fungus growth. These pests are the enemy of gardeners everywhere and can be responsible for things like tomato rot or stunted growth. 

Should I Use Weed Killers? 

FlowZone Typhoon Battery Backpack Sprayer

The decision to use weed killers is entirely yours. When assessing whether or not your garden needs weed spray, consider whether the benefits are greater than the risks associated with herbicide use. Finding the best weed killer for your garden is well worth it if you are struggling with an infestation of an invasive plant species. Fortunately, choosing a natural weed killer eliminates many of the risks associated with traditional herbicides. 

There are ways to control weeds that do not involve the use of herbicides at all, but we find that the best weed killer method combines the use of organic weed killer and tried-and-true manual methods, such as: 

  • Mulching
  • Hand-pulling
  • Regular cultivating 

Combined with the more traditional methods above, natural weed spray contributes to healthier soil overall while controlling annoying, overgrown weeds. Additionally, organic weed killer supports the long-term sustainability and fertility of your garden. 

Why Should You Choose Natural Weed Killer Instead of Synthetic? 

Finalsan Non-Selective Organic Weed Killer

Using natural weed killer has gained significant importance to keep you, your garden, and the environment safe. The use of natural weed killers helps to preserve the delicate balance of neighboring ecosystems and minimize harm to all the surrounding wildlife. Natural and organic weed killers offer a safer, more eco-friendly alternative to traditional chemical herbicides. 

Synthetic herbicides often leach into the soil and can affect nearby water supplies. With harsh, dangerous chemicals like those found in more traditional weed spray, there’s a risk of potential danger for humans, animals, and even other plants. The best weed killer methods combine organic weed killers with rich soil nutrients to support your garden’s growth while eliminating pesky weeds. 

Organic products make the best weed killer because they foster biodiversity and don’t harm native plant species. Additionally, overuse of synthetic herbicides can lead to the emergence of weed populations that are difficult to control and may be resistant to treatment. Since organic weed killer nourishes soil while targeting unwanted species, your garden can thrive and not become collateral damage from overusing harsh chemicals.  

What is Natural Weed Spray Made From? 

Avenger Organic Weed Killer

Organic weed spray comes in many different varieties, but all have one thing in common: they are free from harsh herbicides and dangerous chemicals that could put your garden at risk for even more damage. Our organic weed killer is made from things that are found in different parts of nature and happen to have great weed killing abilities.

For example, one of the best weed killers out there, Avenger Organic Weed Killer, is derived from the rind of an orange. D-limonene, a part of citrus oil, naturally repels unwanted weeds and acts as a great preventative for gardens. 

How Do I Apply Organic Weed Killer

Once you’ve chosen the best weed killer for your situation, learning to use natural herbicides effectively is the next step. One of the many benefits of organic weed killer is that it requires far less technical ability than conventional, chemical weed killers. Since those chemicals can be dangerous, it’s important that you pay great attention to how you apply them. Natural weed killers, however, are far easier to apply since they are much safer for your garden and surrounding areas. Three of our best tips for using natural weed spray are: 

  1. Use with harsh sunlight and heat 
  2. Apply on a clear, sunny day with no chance of weather
  3. Use a high-quality sprayer with good coverage

Sprayers for Easy Application of Organic Weed Killer

All Purpose Hose End Sprayer

When thinking about applying the best weed killer, one of the most important things to consider is the equipment with which you are treating your garden. Many weed spray applicators are made to attach to the end of a hose. The universal hose attachment makes it quick, easy, and totally foolproof. Whether you’re covering a large, expansive garden or you’re just focused on your raised beds, a hose attachment for weed spray is great for beginners and veteran gardeners alike. 

If you need a weed spray system with a little more power and longevity, a backpack weed sprayer is the way to go. Heavy-duty machines like a weed spray backpack can be charged up to use over and over. Using weed spray with a machine can be efficient and quick without taking up too much of your gardening time and energy. 

Starting With Organic Weed Spray

No matter how you choose to apply organic weed spray to your garden, their use will help keep your plants safe and healthy. You don’t have to compromise – Rocky Mountain BioAg® stocks the best weed killer products that will attack all your unwelcome plants and keep your garden growing beautifully. 

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