Attempt to Break the Pumpkin World Record

Pumpkin Growing in a Field

Rocky Mountain BioAg is excited to be working with a gentleman, Travis Gienger, who may potentially break the world record for Giant Pumpkins!

Breaking the world record for a giant pumpkin takes a lot of work and months of commitment. We asked Gienger about growing a giant pumpkin and he shared some of how he accomplishes it. “For me, it’s getting the plants out of the gate. Pollination time is usually done by hand and is an important part of the process. After that, it’s all about positioning the fruit for the long haul.”

Gienger also told us that disease prevention is huge, you want to also make sure there is a root system that can support such a large plant.

The current World Record for Giant Pumpkins is 2702.5 lbs. (officially 2702 lbs. 13.9 ounces).

We’re excited about today’s weigh-in and look forward to updating everyone!

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