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Ultra Silver Collodial Silver Nutritional Supplement


There are many potential benefits of colloidial silver taken internally as a dietary supplement, and Ultra Silver has the strictest production and testing controls on the market. As a result, concentrations, and purity are the highest quality around. Enhance your health and quality of life with Ultra Silver! Available from Rocky Mountain BioAg in concentrations of 500 or 1000 parts per million, and both 4 and 8 oz sizes.

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Silver as a nutritional supplement is not, by any means, new. For well over 100 years, there have been products labeled 'collodial silver' which may provide various health benefits when taken internally as a dietary supplement. Recent technological improvements have lead to a greater understanding of production and testing collodial and nanoencapsulated silver products. Ultra Silver applies modern scientific techniques and processes to ensure not only purity of concentration, but also consistency in particle size. Simply put, where true collodial silver is concerned, smaller nanoparticles of silver may be more available to the body. Additionally, many products marketed as silver supplements are simply dissolved ionic silver salts, which may not as available to be used by the body. True collodial silver, not produced through electrolysis, results in small (less than 100 nanometers) protein encapsulated particles of silver. Ultra Silver has independent laboratory verification of an average particle size 35.2 nanometers. As always, Ultra silver provides independent laboratory certification. Results are openly shared, always true, always verified.

A TDS meter indicates only concentrations of dissolved solids. Silver colloids are not dissolved solids, and will therefore, not be detected by a home-level TDS meter. Ultra Silver employs certified, professional, and independent laboratories; ensuring the product is the most pure, and the most quantifiable concentrations on the market.

"Our mission is to provide you with a true colloidal silver if the highest quality available anywhere. With so much misinformation out there, we strive to educate by providing the best information we have and letting the facts speak for themselves."

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